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I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter and a West Virginia Teacher. Here's Why I'm on Strike

I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter and a West Virginia Teacher. Here's Why I'm on Strike

Brandy Bochna Tuck

You simply cannot understand the intensity of a labor strike until you actually live through it.

The certification allows West Virginia to advertise itself as a state with highly qualified teachers. The reality is a high number of West Virginia teachers are on food stamps.

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Mrs Tuck already teaches in what is perhaps West Virginias most progressive county. And she still can’t make a living.
Their problem has been plainly obvious for decades. Their grandparents sold their souls, and the souls of all their descendents, to the coal Barron’s. No matter how many are educated at nearby WVU, it proves no matter to the state as most leave the second they graduate. It’s one of the reasons West Virginia is one of America’s oldest, sickest, dumbest states in the union with sky high rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and debilitating poverty. Yet these slack jawed rubes line up at the voting booths every chance they get and vote against their own best interests.
The people of West Virginia are their own worst enemy. Someday soon there will be no more state services. All roads will be locally cared for or privatized, and the only education the children will get is at home, or in a local church basement.
It’s ironic that West Virginia never seem to leave the 19th century, because now they find themselves right back there.
I wish these teachers and state workers all the luck in the world. They are going to need it. But then again, every workers revolution started when the workers had nothing else to lose. The workers of West Virginia are just about there.

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Ms. Tuck you and you’re organization are doing the right thing. From the pictures I see you’re engaging the public. You’re profession demands respect and the public knows it. Continue to engage and educate them about you’re situation, and I believe they will apply the pressure to the legislators you need to win. Engage as many other unions in you’re state as you can, they can also apply pressure for you’re cause. It might seem a losing battle at times, but all of you will overcome this. Remember some of us do know how hard it is, trust us, it’s worth it.
Stay strong and good luck.

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How is our president doing these days? A quick summary media reports:
…Washington Post: Angry and increasingly isolated … fumes … voices frustration … revives old grudges … seethed with anger … raging … venting … furious … .irate … “Morale is the worst it’s ever been” … feels abandoned and alone.
…Politico: Chaos here, backlash there, shock everywhere … growing sense of despair … deep demoralization and discord … erratic … sullen and isolated … deeply suspicious of the people around him.
…Guardian: Abandoned in a raging storm … fulminated … isolated, angry and ready to lash out … unchecked volatility … “angry and gunning for a fight” … erratic … morale is understood to be at an all-time low … increasingly isolated and mercurial … staggering from one crisis to another.

These stories roughen reporters. How many synonyms for “raging four-year-old” are there? Actually, the connecting thread through all these stories is: sullen, isolated, abandoned, and alone. Trump past tossed vague orders and a golf course would open, he believes all due his leadership, the only thing different in the White House is he’s got a different staff. If things fail now, it’s the fault of people working for him. When things go south he lashes out at his staff as either incompetent or disloyal, then gets new staff. When things keep going south the only possible explanation is that everyone is against him and he ends up sullen, isolated, abandoned, and alone."

It was some kind of shaudenfraude.
Trump combing his hair alone.
Casino mob boss gone Rong. /^;
The world got darker cuz of US
(us pronounced uh-sss)
I M P E A C H . H I M
(never give up on impeachment!)

Hard to believe that the Morgantown area is the most “progressive” part of WV - it is home to the most apathetic and right wing State U in the country (although Penn State comes close) - but I guess you’re right.

Stay strong, Ms. Tuck and West Virginia Teachers. In Solidarity.
Teamsters Local 120

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I’ve always found the people connected with WVU to definitely lean to the progressive side of things. However, a drive just ten minutes in any
direction will lead you to dirt and gravel roads featuring all the worst stereotypes of West Virginia culture, mobile homes, cars on blocks, major appliances strewn about the yard, and of course flag posts featuring the confederate battle flag and the old yellow "don’t tread on me"
The only signs of civilization I’ve witnessed in my twenty five years of driving there once a week is the area around their state college campuses.
Ohio county in the upper panhandle is growing more progressive, but I think that’s just because they’ve tried everything else. I used to enjoy the occasional trip to wheeling. Now it’s just goddamn depressing.


Oh, and you are correct about Happy Valley in Pa. I attended a conference there a year ago and it felt as though I was among the Hitler youth (of course it doesn’t speak well of their character that they unapologetically support the memory of ol JoePa and their corrupt football program. It’s like a friggin cult out there state college.

Single payer medical insurance would solve the PEIA issue.


Having lived here for three years now, my experience is different.
Some data: State College voted 2-1 for Clinton over Trump in 2016 and the Greens did pretty well here as well.
Democratic Party Primary State College vote: Sanders 63%, Clinton 37%

Surrounding areas are quite conservative - but State College is not.

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I’ve said for years that a single payer healthcare system would be hands down the single biggest boost tore empower the American working class in our nations history.

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Providing a high quality public education IS the highest priority for state governments.

Good that WV teachers are showing the courage to call their state officials out on this.

I understand teachers in Oklahoma are considering a similar move.