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I'm a #NeverBiden Wisconsin Voter; Here's Why I'm Voting Biden Anyway

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/06/im-neverbiden-wisconsin-voter-heres-why-im-voting-biden-anyway


Dead accurate !


Thank you Aldous Tyler. Right there with you-----I was a hashtag never Biden voter too. As I witnessed hate, fascism spread throughout the state of Wisconsin I changed my mind. I will vote for Biden.

I see the rejection of science and the spitting on those who support science growing all around me in lock step with racism, hate, cruelty . .

Massive signs of hate go up on a daily basis. Intimidation toward those who vote blue is growing as well.

FFS— those who think this is the same LOTE election are delusional or in denial.

We have warnings now about militias at polling places.
The above pdf instructions (for how to deal with militias) is no comfort to me or those I know who will be working the polls.

We literally fear for our lives for putting up political signs. This is NOT an exaggeration.

To say this is your basic LOTE voting is total bullshit.

This is a whole new level of hate, cruelty and danger the u.s. is in---- which you made clear in your piece: these are Nazi’s and trump---- as Hedges pointed out in another piece today---- is heading up Christian Fascists spread throughout the government.

It is not just trump I am voting against----it is the neo-nazi fascist voters that are all over this country who will be further legitimized and emboldened if trump is not thrown out and then put in jail. His enablers must go as well.


This is a heartbreaking necessity given that the US electoral system is first-past-the-post, winner-takes-all. Further more, until the USA has national ranked choice voting or goes to a continental European style parliamentary system (which is no panacea either, ask the voters of Belgium or Israel), voting 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc., party, is a chimeric masturbatory fantasy that generally only aids those who wind up with the most votes for a given office. Lastly, the only way third parties have succeeded is when they supplanted another to become on the two in the duopoly, such as when the Whigs replaced the Federalists, and then when the ReThugs replaced the Whigs. None of the current crop of US third parties are close to supplanting anyone.

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Done! I already voted for Biden via mail-in ballot in NJ. I can track the ballot and it has been received. If you vote in person in NJ, you won’t be using an electronic voting machine (unless you have certain disabilities), you will be filling out a provisional ballot instead. We don’t have early in-person voting in NJ.

Mr. Tyler, this is about as cogent a description as I can recall of the matters you address.

The slogan of the Black Panther Party was “Use what yuh got to get what yuh need.”

In my view, what we “need” is Trump out of the presidency. All that we “got,” so far as I can see, to “use” is Biden.

We are a very long, hard road from having “got” what you and I agree we need — A national party whose values and policies are very different from Biden’s and Harris’s. The time to start on that road is, in my opinion, the evening of the day on which Biden is inaugurated.

We must be very very afraid. We must vote from fear. We must not see the Nazism in neoliberalism. We must see only the Nazi in Trump. I repeat, be very very afraid.


“Right now, we have a Nazi to fight.”

Well, if the ‘Nazi’ is the lone paltry looking specimen in the photo above the caption holding a back-to-front banner of the defunct ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ (which disgraced Germany as its national flag 1933-45), the fight may not be too difficult. You might even get some help from those holding ‘Confederate States of America’ battle flags if they realized that one of the key planks of the original ‘Nazi’ Party was making Germany a unitary state by the abolition of the separate states making up Germany. So much for ‘States Rights’.

Then however, they might reunite to beat-up the ‘Know Nothing’ with the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag over the back when they realize that while being correctly xenophobic, he may be true to his roots and be in favor of the promotion of workers’ and womens’ rights, and be in opposition to slavery.

It should be noted though, that their main unifying element is that their ‘politics’ are reactionary as they are identifying with ideologies that collapsed respectively in 1860, 1865, and 1945. They also might be more unified under the rubric ‘Insecure White Men’.

Whatever, they should of course be opposed but they are not where any real power lies. Trump and the Republicans may ‘dog whistle’ at them to get a few votes but have certainly no interest in having anything to do with an actual ‘National Socialist’ agenda @. Some of those whistled at with statements like ‘stand down and stand by’ may also realize that ‘stand by’ can also mean ‘do nothing’ and that ‘good people on both sides’ in reference to Charlottesville really did only apply to locals for and against the preservation of ‘Confederate’ monuments and not the ‘Insecure White Men’ with ‘tiki torches’ who joined in.

@ For the curious: From the Southern Poverty Law Center - ‘The National Socialist Movement’

The 'National Socialist Movement’s ‘25-point plan’. (Largely lifted from the original 25 points after the ‘German Workers Party’ added ‘National Socialist’ to its name, but more overtly racist than the German original.)

A translation of the original is here:

Also maybe of interest: ‘Nazi’ in Southern German dialect meant ‘fool’.

Bunch of horse hockey.

The only reason we only have two choices is that people choose to believe the lie that we only have two choices. Stop letting the corporate parties tell you what your choices are.

I don’t know what is, or is not, a Nazi. But I do know that Trump is evil. I also know that Biden is evil. And that Biden is part of the evil that made Trump possible. A vote for Biden is a vote for a worse-than-Trump in the near future.

Biden doesn’t want to beat Trump. He only wants to serve his corporate masters. If he wanted to beat Trump, he would do something, anything, to win my vote. Instead, the only people he makes any attempt to please are his corporate masters.


Still waiting in Calf for my ballot------wonder if Newsom is an in the closet Trump supporter-----he is in the family you know

Biden today was discussing income inequality in a real way-----when has Trump done this??? But how about Swearengen in West Virginia or Savage in Maine------Progressives need to focus on these races----elect people like these two ladies and they will be demanding Biden move to the left. Or maybe all these green candidates running for office will win large majorities and take control-----ow then I woke up----because the left in this country is a sad joke.

Just look at this race in WV----the coal miners daughter going up against the evil corporate insider-----and who will win in this state???

Biden is one of the major creators of the policies that have led to outrageous income inequality. Until his speeches begin with “I was wrong. I screwed up the economy. I would like to correct my mistakes.” I am not interested in random words from his mouth.


George W. Bush is the worst president ever.
America is going to hell no matter who wins.


Biden is the lesser of two evils? Haven’t we been down that road before?


I was going to post the article on Facebook, but they stopped me from doing so with this little message: Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.
Fuck Facebook.

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“…There are only two guns in the current battleground that is the 2020 presidential election, and one of them is in the hands of a Nazi…”

True enough, but both guns are in the hands of Fascists. I don’t vote for Fascists, “I fight Fascists, not because I will win, but because they are Fascist!”


Shaking your fist at a Fascist only gets you shot,…or worse, it does not get you jobs, food, shelter, or justice, yet alone democracy.
Regardless of party, Fascists gonna be Fascists.

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I am with you—for regardless of what merits Joe Biden does or does not possess our nation can not only survive his election but we will as a people move up and on into better times with or in spite of him—it will be up to us.

This is not the case with the reelection of Donald Trump for there are no nation’s or people in the world that are going to come together to save our USA as the Allies did to save the world from Hitler and his supporting ilk of freedom crushers.

The haranguing nature of Trump’s total disregard and the tyrannical brute force he cheers on into the streets echoes from a time when a people of Europe silently blinked in place of firmly saying not here, not now, no more. And the fit beauty of doing right when right so much mattes now is that how you vote is your personal business in terms of what to you really matters most for you and yours.