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I'm a Woman and I Will Vote for the Best Feminist for President: Bernie Sanders


I'm a Woman and I Will Vote for the Best Feminist for President: Bernie Sanders

RoseAnn DeMoro

I am a feminist. And I would like to one day break the glass ceiling with a progressive woman who sees class and race as fundamental problems in American society.


"I won’t vote against Hillary Clinton because she’s female, but I don’t intend to vote for her because I am"

Hard to believe that this even needs to be said, but Clinton's shameless appeal for votes based on her gender makes it so.


It is ironic that the politician that Hillary most resembles (to me) is the one that she worked to bring down, Richard Nixon.

Both are (were) introverts, uncomfortable on the campaign trail and during interactions with regular people.

Both are secretive, distrustful, (enemies lists) unable to admit a mistake, prone to cover up and deny rather than come clean.( Nixon's 18 minutes of lost tapes, Hillary's lost 40,000 emails) Both had a likability problem.

Both attacked when on the defensive. Both thought they "deserved" to be President.

Both retreated into victimhood if called out. Hillary claiming it was because it was because she is a woman, Nixon because he was a Quaker and an "outsider".

I agree with the author, Bernie seems to be more for advancement of women than Hillary.


I love RoseAnn DeMoro and the California Nurses Association. This union takes no prisoners. They say what they mean, mean what they say, and for the most part go after it. Any numbers of unions in the US could take a page from CNA's book, and they would likely see an uptick in membership.


Reminded of Naomi Klein's words - from:

And there is no progressive equivalent of taking ideas seriously. So we’ve
got lots of funding for campaigns for people working on all kinds of different
areas but a metanarrative, like the Charles Koch metanarrative — and he’s said
it explicitly — is that he is challenging collectivism, he is challenging the
idea that when people get together they can do good. And he is putting forward
the worldview that we’re all very familiar with that if you free the individual
to pursue their self-interest that will actually benefit the majority. So you
need to attack everything that is collective, whether it’s labor rights or
whether it’s public health care or whether it’s regulatory action. All of this
falls under the metanarrative of an attack on collectivism.


Nixon sealed his legacy as a crook, I despised him, I "worked to bring him down" in 1960, 1962 (CA Governor race), 1968 and 1972, and I drank an im-peach-mint cocktail (peach brandy and creme de menthe) on his last day in office in 1974. Nixon's track record as President, however, stands as being more progressive on domestic issues compared to any Clinton and Obama.

Nixon championed LBJ's intention that Medicare cover all Murkins but was never able to make much progress with Congress. Despite business interests fighting them, OSHA and the EPA were born during Nixon's first term. OSHA dramatically improved life for the 99% within a decade, while EPA dramatically improved life for the 99% AND the planet within a decade (yes, progressive organizations like OSHA and EPA have been victims of the Raygun Revolution).

When the Clintons' final score is tallied, Nixon's final score will look progressive by comparison.


I agree. Weirdly, I met President Nixon in around 1991 in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. Had lunch with him and around 10 other people. Turns out he was a sports nut..I never knew that.


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Hilary does not seem to understand that a whole lot of people that support Bernie like the man and there even a good many who would not normally support his policies that like the man.

On the other hand a lot of her own supporters do not really like her as a person and not it not just because she is a woman.

When she starts in with the mud slinging and these types of tactics it works against her.


One of my favorite Ralph Nader quotes goes something like this: You know things are bad when you start waxing poetic for the Nixon years.


Hillary didn't think it the feminist thing to do to support Zephyr Teachout when she ran for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor of New York, losing to incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo. Hillary supported Cuomo. Teachout would make a great governor, in MHO.


I might to vote for Sanders, but have no expectations of change. What we heard from liberals over the last seven years comes down to a confirmation of their faith in laissez-faire capitalism. The middle class want more income and security for themselves, and this has always been true. The war on the poor continues. The middle class believe that our deregulated capitalism is so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Stay the course. Maintain the status quo.

"Feminism" has been reduced to working to improve the wages and working conditions of middle class women. The majority of very poor and low wage workers are women. What does it say about us, that we no longer believe poor women (in a country that still has a significant shortage of jobs) have fundamental human rights (per the UDHR) to food and shelter? Progressive women look at the poor, and turn up their noses.


Yes, women for Bernie not one per cent Hillary


Iagree about progressive women, but women I know are voting for Bernie.


When Bernie is questioned about his lack of religious fervor, he responds by stating that he lives his life guided by the Golden Rule; that he wishes for everyone else what he hopes for himself. I have over my 60+ years encountered many religious people that are not very nice individuals. I have much hope that Bernie will fight for a better future for all of us... no matter the gender, race, or ethnicity of the person. My expectations were dashed when Bobby Kennedy was killed and George McGovern get beaten by Nixon. Bernie has resurrected my hopes for a better America for each and every one of us and fingers crossed the people's revolution continue to grow!


Actually the best feminist, humanist, progressive for the job is Jill Stein, but until the presidential election I'll support Bernie.


Even if Bernie gets the nomination, i don't live in a swing state, relatively few people do, so I'll still be voting for Jill. The democrat nominee is all but guaranteed my states electoral votes. Spread the word.


Minor, I learned a lot about Nixon by reading "The Devil's Chessboard". He was "selected" by Prescott Bush, was encouraged in his aggressive negative politics, and became, well... Nixon. In my opinion we've been existing in a criminal enterprise ever since.


My experience is much like yours bobbym. This election "feels" much like 1968.


RoseAnn, you look better with the darker hair color--I'm just sayin'.