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"I'm Gonna Die in Here": Investigation Shows How Jails' Privatized Healthcare Places Profit Over Prisoners, With Deadly Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/im-gonna-die-here-investigation-shows-how-jails-privatized-healthcare-places-profit


Should prisoners be treated any better than the rest of us under the foot of for profit insurance companies? Regulating our healthcare is the norm for ALL of us, not just the incarcerated.

We’re all in this jail. Lol!


Corizon’s contract is terminated??? Seems like the least they should be charged with is manslaughter. But I would say these deaths were caused by premeditated behavior so it is worse than manslaughter. When will we ever see any true justice in the United States? All we have seen is poor people being railroaded by a corrupt system which protects anyone with wealth from being accountable.


In my work in correctional medicine, I felt like we did make a positive impact on many of the inmate’s health. Most of our diabetic patients had much better control of their sugar after a few weeks. Even though the food in some jails is really horrible, exercise and metformin helped a lot. A lot of the methamphetamine users mental health and physical health improved while being incarcerated. The alcohol withdrawal protocols worked fairly well. Buprenorphine would have made a huge impact, I’m sad we don’t use in jails. In February in early March, when I was pleading with judges and jail administrators to reduce population, set up a safe testing and quarantine procedures and asked them to improve ventilation, I was fired from two of my jails. I was told it was the flu, a hoax, manmade by the Chinese, etc. I learned that some rural sheriffs are scientifically illiterate, and that the thin blue line flag correlates with racist attitudes. I bailed on Corizon in the hiring process when I realized they suck. I’m so glad I didn’t take that job!

If one has the “misfortune” to find himself or herself incarcerated… I use the word, misfortune because sometimes such a person is innocent; then they will automatically be given less than humane treatment confined behind those bars. Gaolers have little to fear. After all, they be criminals, those over whom they are keeping watch. It is conceivable that private contractor gaolers would tend to renege on prisoner welfare more so as they seek ever to cut costs.
Though some of us with a conscience knowing this, might plead with society for a bit more compassion, we in general tend to prefer to ignore what might be going on inside prisons, after all, they are someone else’s problem, aren’t they?

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