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"I'm In": Lawrence Lessig Confirms White House Run


"I'm In": Lawrence Lessig Confirms White House Run

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Campaign finance reform advocate Lawrence Lessig on Sunday confirmed that he would run for U.S. president in 2016, announcing that the exploratory committee he formed in August had hit its $1 million fundraising target by its Labor Day deadline.

Lessig made his statement on ABC's This Week during an interview with host George Stephanopoulos.


I also think that this is a direct response to Bernie as the anti oligarchy people's candidate. Lessig isn't serious (stepping down? yeah okay people would want that in a candidate huh? weird) but he will diffuse that anti 'establishment/old guard' feel of Bernie's campaign. I think this is rank opportunism and sadly will likely hurt Bernie... but then perhaps it is intended to.


Would US citizens have killed 1,200,000 completely innocent Iraqi citizens if they had to pay for it with taxes rather than a credit card?

Balanced budget, pay as you go, seems more important for a single issue campaign.


looks to me like another sign the HRC campaign is getting nervous.


Not just her either. The repubs aren't really afraid of trump. They don't even bother answering him or responding to his statements.

But Bernie scares them all. All the status quo... for the very first time... they haven't bought off a candidate... i think they are all very upset...lol


Are you joking?

do you not understand how destructive this the budget always must balance garbage is?

Also: Ronny.


The elephant in the room is the cost and distruction in human and physical resources of our warfare state


Assuming Lessig gets into some primaries, would he really take votes from Sanders? Unlikely.

Given that he's said he resigns once his one issue passes into law, he doesn't then have to have a coherent platform for anything else.


It's destructive to do balanced-budget for necessary capital expenses, e.g. bridges, but not for operating expenses, e.g., wars. Wouldn't be too many wars if they had to pay out of current taxes. Might be a lot of politicians on lamp posts, tho.


Nonsense economics. Wars have been fought with tax increases, special corp. tax increases, windfall taxes, etc. And a balanced budget, or PAGO, is actually a budget cut. Rearranging priority seating on the Titanic saves some lives but it drowns the vast majority. If you're rich, DoD, and your budget is cut from $2 million a year to $1.2 million; you live ok. If you're poor, WIC, and your budget is $20,000 a year a cut to $12,000 means you're probably homeless and your children starve. Plus borrowing money to overcome ( within its limits ) the business cycle is necessary. It's more complicated but you've missed the mark and play to the Pete Peterson crowd ( Obama's & Hillary's crowd ) who wants to enrich himself and his investors by chaining the vast majority to the sinking ship, so to speak..


What is his point? A gesture? The timing is curious wouldn't you say? it is an opportunistic move that undermines the candidate who most embodies campaign reform or did you forget that Bernie didn't take the oligarchy money?


Zephyr Teachout ( Mayday PAC ) took over for him, as Lessig prepared for this, and she ran against Cuomo in 2014 Dem primary in NY. Got sold out by the Working Family Party ( 3rd Way ), at the last minute. The light shone on this abomination will be a benefit to Bernie. Run Lawrence, run.


Let the people decide.


I bet he gets more media coverage than Bernie.


Excellent point!! Lawrence Lessig won't be viewed as a threat to the power brokers so the media will cast him as the voice from the left. Since Bernie's campaign poses a real threat to the status quo it will be referred to as the quixotic escapade of a socialist with no chance of winning


Harvard men and women usually do get more attention, generally. Look at the networks wink they can tap into .And, the donor base is quite impressive, too Reagan, Truman, Nixon, Eisenhower, Carter and LBJ didn't go to Harvard, though. Maybe it takes lots of money to get rid of lots of money?


Krugman wrote a column ( 2 weeks ago ) about the U.S. reserve currency being bumped out of that seat and he didn't put much weight behind it being that big a deal. More like vanity plates on cars, perhaps? Paying a premium to what end? Just wondering.


How can one take serious a "step down" Presidential candidate?


Your rhetorical question isn't a good one, nor is the embedded argument. What control do US citizens have in determining what their taxes pay for? What control did US citizens have over the secret corporate planning and public propaganda that manifested the Iraq War?

A "balanced budget, pay as you go" approach would simply guarantee the elimination of what remains of a social contract in this country given the power of corporations who already have almost complete control over taxpayer dollars.


Excellent! Welcome to the Race, Lawrence Lessig! I give a shout out to all those running and bringing to light the myriad, desperate need for a of campaign reform. Please join in with Sanders, the Justice Party, the Green Party, and all others who have serious recommendations for real reform. Until we can equally and fairly participate, what kind of Democracy will we have? Let's open up elections, encourage 3rd parties and independents, get more voters, and even consider new ways of voting on elections and issues.