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I'm, Like, Really Smart: On Watching The Gorilla Channel

I'm, Like, Really Smart: On Watching The Gorilla Channel

A small weird gem amidst the uproar of the stable genius erupting in Fire and Fury: Given the lunatic times, thousands of people believed a prank Wolf "excerpt" describing said genius as deeply irate his White House TV lacked "the gorilla channel," frantic staff building a transmission tower to appease him, and the man-child then happily spending 17 hours a day watching fighting gorillas while talking to them. Because, really, at this point, anything's possible.

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No doubt about it that Trump is sooooo stupid that he does not seem to realize that he is the best advertisement that the book Fire and Fury could have ever hoped for! Delectable schadenfreude!


The gorilla in the first photo looks very calm, thoughtful and deliberate. I think he’s probably saner than DJT.


The cartoonist put the door-closer on the wrong side of the door, so the door would indeed be pushed to open it - the sign notwithstanding.

But yes, regarding the Gorilla Channel, we have really entered an age where parody is no longer understood…

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And, in this case, this “Gorilla Channel” story is a perfectly credible one and ends up being “fake news” purely by accident.

This “Gorilla Channel - Trump” meme is only becoming even more hilarious the more I think about it. The “Oprah 2020” meme is increasingly hilarious too.