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"I'm Not Willing to Do That": Trump Says He Won't Take Climate Action Because It Would Threaten Corporate Profits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/29/im-not-willing-do-trump-says-he-wont-take-climate-action-because-it-would-threaten


“So we have the best numbers that we’ve ever had recently,” Trump said. “I’m not looking to put our companies out of business.”

“Trump Was the Dumbest Goddamn Student I Ever Had”
–Former Wharton Professor William T. Kelly

Yep, IQ45 strikes again…


Sounds like he believes the U.S. is a conglomerate of corporations with a military to protect and extend their depredations (killing as many dark-skinned types as possible)–and he´s the great and greatest CEO of an America made great again by none other than his idiot self.

Not long into the a.m., one starts feeling beaten up by all this crap. I´m already all ready for a tall, tall whiskey. Is it too early there?


There you have it folks, to Hell with the people.

Corporate profits, or in other Trump words, "Money in my pocket is more important than a few human lives."


This is what happens when you vote for politicians (of the duopoly) controlled by the 1%. It is called fascism. You do not matter in the scheme of life unless you serve the masters. Not by coincidence, the extra rich are building fortress homes with weapon ports, massive larders and servant (slave?)quarters. Their robots will produce all the comforts they need…you get the point?

The US military guards their wealth extraction all over the world and will defend them to the last man/woman. Find video from yesterday where the French police were spraying tear gas directly into the faces of children protesting inaction on climate change … Recording setting French temperatures (now normal) neared 114°F.

The pathetic situation is most still believe voting for politician X or Y will save us.


Nah. It must be 5 o clock somewhere!!!


Ah. So he believes in climate change now!!!


And in Chennai, India - even after the monsoon’s return a few days ago:


And for India as a whole:

“India is facing the worst water crisis in its history. A government report estimates that 21 cities will run out of groundwater by 2020.” (same link as above)

India is supposedly the world’s largest ‘democracy’, and the US the leader of the free world.

Hmm ???


I wish the Big Mac’s would hurry up and give the SOB a fatal heart attack already!


The owners will never give up their beloved capitalism. They are willing to destroy the world chasing their money illusion. Nature is now completely in control and has wrested all power from our impotent and bought politicians.


Years ago I read that some scientists thought that the first time they did underground testing of the nuclear bomb it might start a chain reaction that would split the planet in half. After some discussion it was decided that total destruction of the planet was a risk worth taking if they got a neat new weapon. That kind of thinking is still in charge of the world. What is a little apocalypse if corporate profits stay high till the end of civilization. Earth will survive the human cockroaches . It may take a couple of million years, but she has the time.


You would think that the greatest criminal capitalist since Al Capone would see the huge upside potential in dealing with climate change. The future is in solar and battery technology. That’s where the jobs will be and moving NOW to get out ahead in these two technologies would start to create the manufacturing jobs this president says he want. But he is too narrow to see it. The Asians will do this because we have no one with a vision beyond the quarterly bottom line. We really have to get rid of this vile man as soon as possible and by whatever means it takes. He is not only an existential threat to the country but to the planet as well.


Yes just look at how many people have been killed in Central and South America trying to protect their water from mining interests. Then we will have the 4th of july where everyone will be flying their flag showing that this is the greatest country on earth. I fly my small peace flag and hope that no one burns it down.


The future of life on Earth is apparently in the malignant hands of a pathological liar and delusional moron who fancies himself brilliant in all things - the truth is a galaxy away from that absurd fantasy.

Overt expressions of mental disease, lack of reason and wisdom, and astonishing ignorance, like this, should in any sane or even somewhat reasonable world, lead to immediate removal from any position of power…alas, clearly we do not have leaders of enough wisdom, moral fiber or mechanisms to effect such a preservation of a sustainable future, allowing one person to effectively destroy the world - compromise on any level with evil is complicity!


The good news is that global warming doesn’t care about corporate profits and will fry the CEO’s and oligarchs along with everyone else. The other good news is that the rest of the world is ignoring the US and the Trumpies and moving in the right direction, albeit wayyy too slow.


There must be other ways to push him to the front of the line heading down to Hell.


Well there you have it… in writing. Let the people die as long as Corporate Profits keep going up. Bernie told us what we need to do so many times: “ A Political Revolution!” Trump has now put that task in our hands. So what are we gonna do about it? Debate his intentions?


trump showing his(it’s) true colors, again! the trump is a total fuck-stick piece of stinking shit, in reference to an earlier post, sure do hope those big mac’s hurry up and put him 6feet under!


I knew the day would come. The day that Donald trump finally told the truth.
It apparently happened yesterday when he stated that his America and it’s wealthy oligarchs are not willing to address the climate crisis because it will adversely effect their bottom lines and their profits.
And that is why the USA will never be a part of any global movement to address global warming, no matter who is in the White House.
The only analogy I can think of to address this situation comes from a movie from my youth. In “jaws” Richard Dreyfus’s character stated to the mayor of the town of Amity, who was more worried about local business profits than he was citizens being eaten by a shark, that he was going to ignore this problem until the shark would swim up on shore and “bite him in the ass!”
Well, we don’t have an ass anymore. And the only solution we can think of is to buy new pants.


Pestilent Chump sez:
“We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had …”

I’ve been trying to book a stay at Chump’s luxury resort in Flint, Mich., but find myself unable to locate the phone number or website. Little help here?