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"I'm Sick of It": Climate Activist Touches Nerve, Clinton Responds with Finger


"I'm Sick of It": Climate Activist Touches Nerve, Clinton Responds with Finger

Jon Queally, staff writer

At a campaign rally in New York on Thursday, a visibly frustrated Hillary Clinton said she was "sick of" being lied about and waved her finger in the face of climate activist raising questions about the money her campaign receives from people closely tied to the fossil fuel industry.


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Hillary.... I am so sick of you.


Got presidential gravitas?

Shillary doesn't.


Bernie's rally in the South Bronx drew 27,000 tonight. My own city, Chicago, let Bernie down, come on New York do it for Bernie.


I have watched many of Sanders speeches, but I have never seen him so worked up or even "Angry" as he seemed to be at this rally.
I wonder if Hillary saying she is tired of him lying about her finally really got him upset?
For those who didn't see this rally, you'll find it at bernie2016tv


We all saw the real Hillary Clinton in that video. It's ugly. That's the ugly truth about who she is. She's a thin skinned, relentlessly ambitious, corrupt to her core, soulless, capitalist tool.

If the capitalist, corporate media put that on an endless loop like they did Howard Dean's scream, she'd be toast as he was.


"...she should adopt the pledge Obama took in 2008 and 2012 to not take money from registered lobbyists, especially those that work for Big Oil."

After taking this pledge in 2008 Obama stopped mentioning climate change in 2010 for political reasons. He also approved the southern section of the Keystone pipeline and adopted an all-of-the-above energy policy. So this pledge would seem to mean nothing.


I am a very rich and important person, and I am sick of you peons! Vote for me,then shut up and then go away!


Anyone who wants to be president as bad as Hilary shouldn't be.


It seems the point of the exercise was to make it appear she was being attacked, then attach Sanders' name to said 'attack'.
Similar to her Rovian effort to hang Trump's abortion faux pas around Bernie's neck by claiming Sanders' denunciation of Trump was insufficient.


Ah Lrx, I see you want truth when it comes to Obama, and so do I. But you don't want truth when it comes to Hillary.

Another day pimping for the Clintons, and their corporate sponsors.


This article is so biased! When the headline says "Clinton Responds with Finger", it implies that Hillary gave the finger to Resnick-Day, as opposed to merely pointing one in her face. Way to go Hillary Haters at Common Dreams!

And contrary to some reports I've seen, the video clearly shows that Hillary did not ever say "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!"

Sheesh! The unfairness of it all! If I was Hillary, I think I'd just retire to one of my $20 million mansions and forget the whole thing.


Excellent work! i met Resnick-Day when we were working on ending mass use of antibiotics in industrial agriculture. Super cool to see her make such an effective challenge to the Clinton campaign!


Excellent evidence that her campaign is desperate.


Hey Shillary -
Let's watch that "tone"! OK? Bernie may say that you are just too mean to debate again! I know it is hard to keep shoveling the same shit at every campaign stop. Its just that the people (you know, the 99% that you claim to care so much about) have much better information about you than they ever had before. That is the thing about you. You have this image that is peddled by Team Hillary in which you claim to be a "progressive" and you want to be our "champion". But that comes off as more pandering and lies when your actual record from the White House, as senator and as Secretary of State comes to light. Your extremely well paid speeches before Goldman Sachs are sooo indicative of where you really stand about Wall Street and there is no reason why we should believe you when you try and come off as some kind of financial reformer. Elizabeth Warren is much more sincere than you are about this.
In foreign policy you are truly scary. Your speech before AIPAC was labelled a "disgrace" by several pundits and your misadventures as SoS abroad in several countries are just the kind of foreign policy that we need to back away from. We have become the most feared country on Earth.
I have never trusted your positions on the environment and your flip flop on the TPP is typical as well. The truth (remember that word?) is that I don't really trust anything you say. Bernie seems to speak from his experience and the heart. However, you always seem to be aware of how a statement will affect the polls the next day. It is not a characteristic that inspires trust.
So, your outburst is actually more appropriate for US, the public. We have become sick of the reality of a woman who wants to be president more than anything and everything you have done since 2000 has been to achieve that goal. It is all process to you. No core principles needed.


Bogie agrees with you


Cookies, did you see the Bronx Sanders speech? Things are stirring in NYC.


Gosh, the unfairness of it all!!!!!

Don't you understand that this corporate servicing hack profits daily from unfairness? Has used her personal power to lobby for the deaths of untold innocents?

And you're upset at a headline not explicitly denoting which digit was being waved while lying through her teeth?

I suggest if you can't stand the truth telling around here, that you stick to Daily Kos, or some other corporate Democrat social asset.

Edit....RH is right. Oops! I should have read past the opening line.


Next you'll be saying she didn't poison Snow White.