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Image of Migrants Should Stir our Outrage and Our Compassion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/28/image-migrants-should-stir-our-outrage-and-our-compassion

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I am saddened, and outraged, at the lack of compassion in the trump regime, and comments here - the plight and victimization of refugees fleeing a variety of threats, to face death, incarceration, racist abuses and contempt for their lives.must not be ignored.- along with the other threats we face, notably the existential crisis if Global Heating climate change.

Outrage and empathy sure, but there are also crimes against humanity and other protections for the most vulnerable that are being willfully ignored, and used, by the trump regime, its ICE goons and for-profit prison or “facilities” run by crony’s to profit from the abuse of others.

The intentional creation of a class, or classes, of people to be used as pawns to justify in their Bizzarro world view, profiting from, and creating the misery of families, men, women, and especially children, who will be scarred for life by this web of lies and profits over humanity, and ordinary empathy, entirely absent from the frankly evil trump regime and its pathological malignant leader!

The madness of this worlds Vulture capitalist system enshrining greed and obscene wealth for the few and struggle just to survive for the many is a de facto crime whether recognized as such or not - the ability that wealth creates enables the most self-interested, ambitious, and depraved, to control the direction and mechanisms of all life on Earth, and that must come to be seen as a crime and ended!