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Imagine All the People


Imagine All the People

Paris left many of us speechless, often hopeless. Amidst the awful "stillness of the news," those taxed with making sense of it revisit what we sorrowfully know doesn't work - airplanes, soldiers, venting, scapegoating, hapless whack-a-mole wars of revenge - and what might - ceasing to arm and condone the oligarchs who fund the mayhem. Still and all, there were small, often musical notes of grace: the crowd singing, the guy playing 'Imagine.' So. Maybe there's hope. May there be hope.


What a refreshingly different take on the story . It is far superior to the bombast being printed elsewhere . People like David Martello are the true hope of humanity .


So long as we continue to form our solutions based upon a flawed methodology it cannot be solved.
The false dichotomy of Us vs Them, comes from a time so ancient that it is a fixed neuro function of the mind.

A synaptic response process so fundamental, almost reflexive, such that individuals almost have
no knowledge they employ it.

It's basis in the Social Context shows as "the Argument of Right vs Wrong"
triggering the ancient synaptic response of "Need to Dominate"

The process is allowed to trigger when we think in Duality Mode rather than the Universal Mode.

The process starts with the premise of

We are Right --- They are Wrong

                      conclusion invoked

Validation of US --- Invalidation of Them

                         action invoked

Dominate --- Avoid Domination

Whenever the discussion is reduced to this myopic analysis, it will produce failed results.
It is like employing Newtonian equations in a Relativistic universe.
While it may work at slow speeds, it doesn't on work at the Universe Level.

This Psychosis is Invoked every time we "Invalidate the Other",
call them names, debase them with labels, employ "Rankism"

We throw them out, (nazi, empire, reich, muslim, zionist, black, white, terrorist,
storm-trooper, MIC, you pick...)

We invoke this tired and reptilian synaptic response.
"Need to Dominate" or "Eat, before I'm Eaten"

The process that includes ALL elements, All the Biosphere,
is the process that will provide a solution set. A Unified Field Theory as it were.

It must work for ALL or it is an action based on Elimination of the Other.

One Planet, One Biosphere, One Humanity, Everyone Makes It.

It starts with Caring and at least a generation of Compassion for the Children.
Make Life Safe for the Children and we will not turn out Fearful Adults.

Everyone is a Son or Daughter, a Brother or Sister, a Mother or Father.


So well said. I especially like your statement that a solution "must work for all." It is so wonderfully idealistic, but I fear impossible. Too many people are devoid of love. But I, for one, am with you.


And me too jenfig. How beautifully said rolson, with what so often is missing in comments, love and caring for one's fellow beings and all that continue to occupy our barely blue planet.


That was for you. There needed to be a response.
It took me awhile to make it fit