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Imagine Obama's National Security Policies in Trump's Hands


Imagine Obama's National Security Policies in Trump's Hands

Trevor Timm

As Donald Trump gets closer to locking up the Republican nomination and therefore one step closer to the presidency, it’s worth looking back at one of the Obama administration’s most troubling legacies: specifically, the national security precedents that have allowed the US to spy on countless people and kill without accountability. The prospect now – a terrifying one – is of Trump in charge of this vast apparatus.


A very timely and much needed piece. The what if scenario horror show. Trump using drones? Does anyone else get the feeling that Trump cannot be told that >>> 'You can't do that!' about anything ? Trump does what he wants and flaunts it.

Maybe aTrump electioneering slogan should be >>> ' Enough of these laws - elect me and I do what I want anyway!'

Is Trump an American or does he want to make America into >>> Trump's America

He is big on branding.


A terrifying prospect? Absolutely! And what should terrify us is that if HRC gets the nomination, Trump will eat her for breakfast and that is truly terrifying!


it's always amusing when two clashing lesser evil campaigns converge on one candidate. this piece is to scare democrats into staying with the party come thick or thin, and the GOP is doing the same thing with--you guessed it--Trump. Don't vote for him! He's a not-so-secret liberal!

Neither of these narratives is true, of course. But what's truth got to do with anything? There's money to be made!


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