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Imagine This Is All A Dream: Ted Cruz, Meet the Internet, Also the World


Imagine This Is All A Dream: Ted Cruz, Meet the Internet, Also the World

In case you haven't heard, the GOP presidential clown car has left the station in the sanctimonious, scary-fringey person of Ted Cruz, who launched his campaign with a come-to-Jesus event at Falwell's Liberty University. His first day, Cruz got trolled even by the uber-straight kids (who had to attend or pay a $10 fine), by wiseacres who commandeered his insecure domain name - Obamacare! Nigerian Princes! - and most everyone else. Cruz' slogan: A Time For Truth. Truth is, except for the trolls, this is dispiriting.


I find the smirking tone of this piece to be disappointing.

Fifteen years ago, people were making the same comments about George W Bush.

It would be a mistake to dismiss Cruz out of hand. The man is tapping into the vast reservoir of ignorance and hatred that characterizes the US electorate. Unless Cruz is caught naked in a motel room with a handful of Catholic schoolboys, the nomination could be his.

I think that Cruz is in unless the powers-that-be decide that Ted doesn’t use the right shade of lipstick on their pigs.



mcp, you know most of abby’s anti-gop pieces will be just that. far be it from her to equalize the smirk by directing it toward the dimocrats. oh wait, she’s got that obamacare benefits package working in her favor. she does, however, speak with a bit of truth.

still, the last word/name in your second sentence sums up the situation: bush. cruz doesn’t stand a chance once the mostly ignorant realize they can vote for yet another one of these military-industrial-complex funded criminals. it would be fun, however, watching peter king jump off that bridge, presumably over a deep, dry, rocky canyon.


Hey, if you can’t laugh at these clowns, the alternative is gloom and doom. Let’s keep an eye on the grim reality of fools running for office and winning (the usual scene in the US for some reason), while allowing a bit of humor to keep our sanity…


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It the claim in the linked DailyBeast article is true and Princeton freshman Ted Cruz carried around a copy of the book “Is Karl Marx a Satanist”,

(Can’t post the link to the DB article, because of the rules.)

Cruz is buying into a “christian” right anti-Semitism, and even if it’s from when he was 17-18, it’s probably a view he’d be best to repudiate even today.

I realize ownership of the/a book doesn’t mean one agrees with it, but the beliefs espoused in those kinds of books have a long history and the senator needs to do some explaining about why he thought it so important to bring that book with him to college. (It’s less than 100 pages.)

The book is still available for purchase on Amazon, ABE, etc.


It is partially because we call people who dissent, trolls, that we end up with clowns.

In fact, the only reason this kind of person has a platform is because they assume we will be repressed enough to keep our mouths shut out of some sense of decorum.