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IMF Head Gives 'Stark Message' of Looming Inequality-Fueled Global Financial Disaster

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/17/imf-head-gives-stark-message-looming-inequality-fueled-global-financial-disaster

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Is “torching” the entire two-party system of government an option?


This woman is more interested in preserving Capitalism than she is addressing the issues of wealth inequality. Her talk of “The Financial industry helping the poor” along with her talk of “Loss in the value of assets” is all Capitalist talk focused on MONEY and not people.

This should not be a surprise to anyone as she heads the IMF. It not the International Peoples Fund.

What scares her about “wealth inequality” is not that people sleep under bridges or go hungry or that children being sold on slave markets. It that these people might pose a threat to the established ORDER.

The Petersen Institute to which she spoke , is a driving force behind Globalization and the entrenchment of the International banking system the World over as the main driver of Public Policy. They in fact champion Capital above all.


What’s utterly batshit delusional about this capitalist is the vision of “challenges” from the Climate Catastrophe. Evidently the incineration of Australia is not yet enough to penetrate the glass towers where such fools reside, for them to understand the parade of disasters gets much worse every year, now.


The storm is coming as it must…


One clue as to where she comes from is “Potential losses of 4 to 20 trillion dollars in assets” . Who is at risk of losing “4 to 20 trillion dollars” ? It certainly is not the worlds poor.

(just to add, the total wealth of the poorest 50 percent of the Worlds Population is a little over 400 billion dollars. They have nothing so they have nothing to lose)

The IMF and World Bank are tools of neoliberalism and by design are there to ensure all of the Worlds resources and wealth controlled by a small handful of people. She worked FOR the World Bank and now heads the IMF. She is part of the problem, not the solution.


It’s traditional to have tax-payers backstop the financial industry’s wild gambles. If they win, they keep it all; if they lose big-time, we pay for it all, and they keep their bonuses. Isn’t this system still working OK?


either nature is going to burn down these cretins little enclaves of obscene luxury or we will. i’m good either way.


The IMF is actually talking about the threat posed by masses of people with nothing to lose tracking down the elite and hanging them from lampposts.


the group of extra-national finance-capitalists whom are most responsible for our current economic inequality… are warning everyone else about income inequality…


This is gaslighting and trolling at the highest level.
The IMF and World Bank are major sponsors of ecocidal biosphere-killing, sovereignty-busting projects worldwide.
They also demand that countries get rid of progressive environmental and social policies as a condition of IMF/World Bank giving them money.
Like all bankers, they don’t care about inequality. They care only about promoting the globalized industrialization of our planet.


That is what i got as well. We can always hope!

This is what I think might happen. The “Koch Brother” and other right wing billionaires will start losing money because all those po folk who bought their toilet paper and all the other crappy products they make will start dropping off like flies. With half the population gone, they’ll probably first resort to extreme obsolescence to keep from losing their fortunes. Then, like in the crash 100 years ago, they’ll realize that they are, god forbid, losing money and can no longer afford their lifestyle. Some off them will start jumping out of windows. Most of them will find they have no survival skills. Their manicured hands are made for holding wine glasses and counting money. Most of the rest of us have struggled paycheck to paycheck all our lives and will do okay. Climate change might kill us, but we have the resolve to keep keeping on as long as we can. Maybe people like trump and Mnuchin and Devos and the criminal billionaires will turn out to be the big losers.


While the IMF is rightfully concerned about the impact of catastrophic climate change on the world’s economy and she cites the sequence of Gilded Age, Roaring Twenties followed by the Great Depression, she forgot something. Climate Change will certainly cause major disruptions of the world’s economy and will likely not be repairable except in the long term (potentially anyway). There is one more fact that has never had to be factored into such global economics predictions.

We are running out of everything fast and population increases make that even faster. Back in the Depression, potential wealth in resources abounded everywhere and it was the twentieth century’s explosion of technology that made the rapid exploitation of those never before available resources possible. We have lived through Earth’s greatest technological age kiddies. There will never be another one like it. Except this boom in technology is not permanent. There are too many of us human beings using too many resources at an insanely wasteful pace for it to continue much longer.

So when catastrophic climate change creates the Second Great Depression, we won’t have an explosion of resource exploitation to pull us out of it. We enter a new age where we no longer have enough …of everything.


The 2008 crash caused most of us to suffer thru great depression #2. Many families, elderly, single parent families are still behind the eight ball. Trickle down is actually a tinkle down.

About 7 weeks ago, there was an article mentioning that way over 4 trillion dollars are out there but not on anyones ledger books. Suggest we look in Dubai, Delaware, Nevada and Caribbean. The Panama Papers did not result in any regulations that provide stability, responsibility, ethics.

Coming crash? If trump wins = yes.
This permits another round of acquiring real estate for forty cents on the dollar. The vultures are perched and ready.

Notice that Americans in Puerto Rico have not yet recovered from huricane.


And to protect themselves they will have increased police protection, paid for us.

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IMF and World Bank were both created in the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1945. They have served their Hegemonic Master well.


There has never been a trickle down .
Some facts .
After the crash of 2007-2009 the richest 0.01% the top 100 billionaires added $240 billion to their wealth in 2012 - enough to end world poverty four times over.
Since 2010 in the UK 1% of the population have taken 80% of the new money made.
It’s all being sucked up so fast it just disappears like magic.
Its magic because the whole economic system is based on illusion .
It’s based on the twin illusions of Disunity and Insufficiency.
Humans believe we are seperate from each other and that there is not enough to go around for everyone.
Fear drives the system.


Oh! DavidCarson! How could you! OF COURSE THEY CARE ABOUT INEQUALITY! (Big SIC… or maybe a big sick)

I tend to imagine an invisible evil twin set born at the same phase of banking that generated these tools - in the person of Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays. You cannot make this $#!t up. Think about it… the epitomization of ‘externalized’ costs = advertising/marketing the big story product and what it hath wrought; AND (trumpets please!!) psychoanalysis that provides the ‘way out’ for the those whose conscience fails to be eliminated by the former. Talk about building a rat cage with a wheel!


Dang! Such a harsh rap for real vultures. Can we call them vampires instead?