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IMF Says Higher Taxes for Wealthy Good Idea. And These Billionaires Agree


IMF Says Higher Taxes for Wealthy Good Idea. And These Billionaires Agree.

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A more progressive tax code, says International Monetary Fund, would both significantly reduce inequality and help grow the economy


Please fix that title. It conveys the opposite of the articles content.


We are well and truly through the looking glass when the IMF speaks up on behalf of the 99%.


This is Very Good News! For a change. Now if only the MSM would also report it, we could slide the rug right out from under the Repugs ‘reform’ plan. Well, it will hit CNN, I’m sure, unless Cruz backs out of debate with Bernie. Having the IMF on the side of progressives! What a concept.


Since the topic is tax reform, how about a CARBON TAX!


The choice is simple - learn to accept the crums ($60 tax break for middle class and $30 for lower class while the wealthy [and Trump] make out like bandits) OR dump Trump “the fake President,” repbus, and the corporate Dems.


Tax cut NO! Raise the taxes on the rich and mega-corporations. The top bracket needs to be at least 50%.


Nah, who wants roads; bridges; safe runways; streetlights; parks; social services; social safety net; community services such as police, fire, emergency first-responders; schools K-university; veterans’ services; public medical clinics; regulatory oversight and any other program/service that provides for the COMMON GOOD. Just rely on the uber-wealthy and the corporations to take care of things with all the additional discretionary funds they will have to play with as a result of massive tax breaks. Hasn’t that worked well to date?

At last, the IMF and billionaire$$$ display rationale and sanity.


I’m sick of what billionaires want. They want what’s in their own interests - in this case, throw a few crumbs to keep people thinking that capitalism can work for us. How long are “progressives” going to continue to consider such delusions?


The top bracket should be at least 90%. And i think it should be 100% - an income cap.

With a wealth cap as well.

We need deep, structural reform to democratize the economy.


Tax Cuts for the Middle Class and Poor STIMULATE The …
Tax Cuts for the Middle Class and Poor STIMULATE The Economy, … marginal tax rates never materialized for working … stimulate the economy, but tax cuts for …
Tax Cuts for the Middle Class and Poor STIMULATE The …
Jul 28, 2011 · The Bush-era tax cuts were designed to reduce taxes for the wealthy, and the benefits of faster growth were then supposed to trickle down to the middle class. But the economic impact of cutting capital gains rates and lowering the top marginal tax rates never materialized for working families.
Tax Cuts For The Poor And Middle Class – Not The Rich …
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The research clearly shows that tax cuts for the working class and middle class invariably stimulates the economy because it is spent, invested or saved in America. The spending in America or their banks in America investing that money stimulates the economy. The wealthy tend to put their tax cuts into offshore bank accounts or invest in offshore shell (tax sheltered) companies. For example, Donald Trump is estimated to have $3.5 billion dollars and last year he used shell companies, tax breaks, shelters, loopholes to pay NO TAXES. What a role model for America?


We as people ignore the effort to understand the blockchain technology at our own risk
Deputy Secretary John Sullivan Delivers Remarks at the Blockchain Forum


Actually the middle class and the lower classes will get a tax increase. The standard deduction will be doubled, but all personal deductions (you, spouse, kids) will be eliminated making things a bit worse, and writing off state taxes on your federal taxes will be eliminated so that any tax decrease is more than compensated by an increase. Single parents really get shafted by the lack of personal deductions and by elimination of head of household status.


To think that the US left is so weak that it must look to the IMF and a handful of apostate billionaires to strengthen its demands…