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'Immense Moral Cowardice': Trudeau Trashed for Government Purchase of Climate-Killing Kinder Morgan Pipeline


'Immense Moral Cowardice': Trudeau Trashed for Government Purchase of Climate-Killing Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an act of "immense moral cowardice" that once again betrays his expressed commitment to helping confront the global climate crisis, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday that his government will purchase Kinder Morgan's "climate-destroying


A truly devious and underhanded move by the Liberal Government. They will use the power of Government to push this through at taxpayer expense taking on all risks and costs. Kinder Morgan gets 4.5 billion they can sit on of Government money. They then get to BUY it back after the taxpayer footed the bill for everything.


The good news is that the US isn’t the only country dancing to the oil cartel’s tune.

That’s also the bad news.


Trudeau doesn’t care what anyone says. He’ll emerge from his time in office very wealthy just like the Clintons and Tony Blair. Watch and see.



Weather is good here in Vancouver today. Hope to see a big crowd out at the demo at Science World.


Trudeau’s net worth is estimated at $35 million. The combination of wealth and power always seems to corrupt. Everywhere…


The US has never been the only country ramming oil and other fossil fuels down everybody’s throats. The US-left needs to get over its inverted-US-exceptionalism. The enemies of progress are worldwide.


Typical, neoliberal say one thing and do another. There should be a law about falsifying intent.


Canadians, you should rid yourself of the corporate pretty boy and replace with a real progressive.


Upper class enemies of humanity do not care what mere humans think of them.

Avarice is different than cowardice. Some pirates are driven to personal bravery by greed.


Just another corporate liberal like Obama, neoliberals if you will.


Justin Trudeau makes his father turn over in his grave…Justin used his father to get elected then sold-out… mother Margaret, should dope-slap him…really hard! Justin played the “progressive” card, like Obama, but both betrayed all who believed their lies!

Hard to imagine a more negligent asinine move that equals, and IS, a de facto bailout for K-M…a $4.5 Billion bailout at Canadian taxpayer expense, less for transition to Green energy, and the world sinking even deeper into oblivion. What is that snot-nosed bimbo fraud thinking? Apparently the answer is not much at all…


I fear the people of Canada are learning the same harsh lesson that liberals in the USA already know. As their opposition party moved to the right, American democrats moved to the right with them. Canadians appear still to be shell shocked by eight years of conservative rule. Like Americans after the years of Reagan and Bush mistook center/right corporate democrats Clinton and Obama as progressives, Canadians believe the spoiled little rich boy spawn of Pierre to be a genuine liberal.
Besides, what did you folks think the oil companies were going to spend their massive profits form the last thirty years on? They were of course going to buy entire governments and nations.


Just a contrast to show what “Owning the means of Production” translates to when resources and the Economy are surrendered to the Corporation.

Alberta has about the same population as Norway. Alberta has more Oil output than does Norway and have been pumping that Oil for longer.

Both Alberta and Norway charge Royalties on the oil produced. Both Alberta and Norway created “Trust funds” to which these Royalties would go to help the peoples of their respective Countries.

Oil Companies in Alberta kept demanding these Royalty payments be lowered or they would take their investments elsewhere. The Corporations said jump and Alberta said “How low”. In Norway one of the majors is owned by the Government so had other Oil Companies made the same demands Norway would tell them to bugger off.

The Heritage Trust Fund in Alberta was founded in 1976 and currently has some 17 billion in value.

The Fund In Norway Started in 1996 some 20 years after Alberta and now is worth over 1.2 TRILLION dollars.

The people of Alberta clamor for more support for the Oil industry so as to create jobs even as they are being ROBBED.


It’s global Fascism. No one is exempt. At least we know the true face of the enemy.


It’s the proximity and influence of the thieving US oil industry that is to blame.


Clinton and Obama successfully masqueraded as progressives. They used key words and phrases to carry it off.


And his colors show in stark relief.


Until Americans grow spines and learn to think instead of allowing themselves to be tribalized we will continue to get more of the same. The latest, DJT, comes from a fine lineage under the category “Trojan Horse for the Corporate State”.


For all those who swooned over this schmenge (with apologies to Robert Palmer)

A pretty face don’t make no pretty heart
(You shoulda) learned that, buddy, from the start