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Immigrant Advocates Slam Trump for Vowing No DACA Protections Without Border Wall


Immigrant Advocates Slam Trump for Vowing No DACA Protections Without Border Wall

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of next week's negotiations at the White House, Dreamers declare, "DACA recipients are not your bargaining chip, Mr. President."

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We will now witness whether the DINO Dem establishment/elite"leadership" will roll-over for trump&co like good little lap-dogs, or actually stand-up for something - cowardice and collusion are rampant…like their typical silence (except for Bernie Sanders).

The likelihood is they will follow the pattern of “compromise” - ie cravenly submit on their knees to the orange monster in the BS name of “bi-partisanship” or some other damn lie/deception, and betray the progressive/independent base (yet again) - what we need is NON-partisanship, and along with it integrity, dedication to truth, justice, the Common Good, and some goddamn cohones - now entirely absent from the castrato DINO Dem boot/ass-licker establishment!..!


Exactly. This is the difference between R’s and D’s. The D’s should have been ‘no budget deal without DACA’. But they simply caved again with no real resistance. Cenk for TYT has said it best. The D’s are paid by their donors to be weak. Throw all the corporate D whores out. Support your local progressive candidate, or better yet, BE the next progressive candidate.


Unfortunately DACA is nothing more then a bargaining chip to Trump. He couldn’t care less about the dreamers. Racism and Fascism is a dangerous combination…as America and the world are just starting to figure out.


Is anyone honestly surprised by this? One of Trump’s constant mantras during the campaign was “I’m gonna build a wall!” Why is there any surprise that he’s going to use any and every bargaining chip he has to get it? And unfortunately, to politicians of all stripes, people are just bargaining chips.


They are already 3/4 rolled, Emphyrio. I would expect no less from heartless, sold-out Neo-Cons.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a REAL People’s opposition party?
Yeah. I know: In my dreams.


Sorry…if there is much difference between Rs and Ds, I’m sure as shit not seeing it. If there were, we’d have single-payer and there would be actual ACTION put forth to stop all the illegal “wars” and other sundry killing all over the globe.


The Democrats have officially changed their name to the Origami Party because they fold, fold, fold. The Dreamers are not the only ones watching; if the Origamis don’t stand up for the Dreamers a lot of us will know that they won’t show a spine for anything that is right. Hey Chuck and Nancy, you call yourself the leaders in the Senate and House, so LEAD goddamn it. Hey Gillibrand, if you want to lead the party, here is your chance. Get out in front of the cameras and draw a line in the sand. Let the Reptilians shut the government down if that is what it takes. A lot of us don’t trust Chuck & Nancy to do the right thing.


I could care less about dreamers also- they are illegal criminals.


Tired of these immigrant activists. Same people probably could care less about what they call US blue collar workers. This is the latest “in” cause for the elites.


Thank you for displaying your total lack of empathy or understanding. Life is so easy to understand when your a sociopath.


You blame those on the economic scale that are below you dude. The only people who have less power then you do, and they are the fault of all your problems? Think about what you think…why do you think it? Who benefits from your thinking that? Who has the power and who has the money? Who writes the laws and owns the fucking courts? Its the fucking rich mealouts…it is so fucking obvious yet you blabber about the poor fucking mexicans that are just trying to fucking survive. You are a programmed bot…you are a slave and a sheep that bleets whatever they have programmed you to bleet. Wake the fuck up.


I live in an ethnic neighborhood, I’m actually a minority. In my state one in four people are immigrants. One in ten workers are undocumented. I notice some of the loudest voices on this issue live in areas with very little first hand experience at just how dysfunctional it is. Immigration is everyone’s bargaining chip and has been for a long time.


Mexico is not a poor country, it is one of the worst for inequality in the world. Who should we blame?


I am no sociopath, and in fact work in ed. Stop being so naive.


Everyone is a bargaining chip when politicians are concerned.


And you and other elites seem to care more for illegals than us working class folks as you call us. Did you forget that many working people lost their jobs due to illegals bottoming out the salaries ( companies illegally hiring them) and jobs shipped out overseas? Nobody wants to talk about THAT do they- just the poor illegals who get all kinds of benefits and even get away with murder.


None of the elites, on either side, care about working people. As I noted above - everyone is ultimately a bargaining chip.


Do you have any statistics that confirms your accusations?