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Immigrant Advocates Take Action Following Deportation Raids in the South



All those children and families from Central America are most welcome! c'mon in, have fun! ICE don't have no soul


And the same sanctimonious "patriots" who put on their Sunday best and talk up their support for Family Values are first to viciously tear these families apart.

It reminds me of the not so Old South where after church, groups of men would arrange to lynch an uppity Black neighbor... because that's what Jesus apparently inspired them to do. (As if!)


If they are legal, let them stay. If they are illegal, let them leave. If the poor nations had social programs to improve their standards of living, it would eventually lead to less legal and illegal immigration to the currently industrialized nations. The USA has hegemony in standard of living as well as military strength. The large nations in the Americas would have standards of living comparable to the USA & the smaller nations would have standards of living comparable to Western Europe, Japan & South Korea.


The people should take a stand against their oppressive governments that get so much support from the USA. Neither this nation nor any other nation has room for the entire world.


And everyone thought Obama was going be the new messiah of the poor and down trodden...Obama is doing what special intrests have told him to do.He is the best prez the GOP ever had...The GOP cant have all these poors and future socialists waitiing in the mist to come out of nowhere and vote Democrat...