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Immigrant Groups Mobilize To Combat Trump's 'Cruel' and 'Heartless' Plan to End DACA


Immigrant Groups Mobilize To Combat Trump's 'Cruel' and 'Heartless' Plan to End DACA

Julia Conley, staff writer

United We Dream and their allies are mobilizing to stage protests this week amid reports that President Donald Trump will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act, which allows undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as minors to apply for work permits and shields them from deportation.


Why is this most heartless and cruel so called leader, who is a mental case, allowed to keep his job? Answer: because of so many heartless, cruel, cowards…called Congress!


Trump chooses Labor Day holiday to proclaim his presidential whim to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals for 845,000 “Dreamers.”

One leader rises with any moral or political authority to condemn this as “the ugliest and cruelest decision ever made by a president in our modern day,” Senator Bernie Sanders.

No other US religious leader, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jew or Muslim, speaks out strongly against this vile whim. They greet this news with a collective yawn. This is striking beyond belief.

It’s worth noting that compared to Trump, Hillary emerges as a saint, and I think Joan of Arc. The differences between Trump and HRC are incredible and notable.

It’s really hard to read this and not feel revulsion for Trump and his Republican politicians; there’s so much disgust for where they’re taking us.


“When we are with God, there are no borders. Man made borders on this Earth.”
– Rita Ruiz de Guillen, who was turned away at the border and prevented from burying her son Alonso Guillen, a “childhood arrival” without papers who died trying to rescue victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Yes, borders are made by people. To hell with borders used for abuse, demonization, and divide-and-conquer.


Very well put.
Imagine there are no countries; nothing to kill or die for…John Lennon.


We have slid right past stupid and criminal to pure evil. Who does things like this? What logical reason can you come up with to end DACA. The ALT RIGHT cretins on Montana? I didn’t vote for “THE DONALD” but he is my president with a global fame and represents me. OMG!


Ever wonder why the corporate media are in such support of Daca? Listening to the media I would think this is a slam dunk—how could anyone be against this. How do we end up with over 500m illegal children in this country. Why do the media paint this narrative that these people have been here for 20yrs and they are all going to collage???Are illegal children coming across the boarder today???How about 5yrs ago???
If unemployment is at 4% shouldn’t wages be going up,yet they are stagnant.

The Sunday LA Times had a front page story about people working in garment factories in LA. These people might average about $7 hr, actual follow up on some they were getting about $4 hr. They are making garments for Forever 21,TJ Max, and Marshalls. A few weeks ago USA Today reported how Truckers transporting goods from LA and Long Beach ports to major stores like Costco and Target were making next to nothing because they are contractors and charged all kinds of fees.

Why is the US not stopping the flow of guns from the US to Mexico???
The best economic and security policy of the US would be a prosperous Mexico. But if corporations want a steady flow of cheap labor it would be a destabilized Mexico. And just look at the history of what the US has done to South America.
The corporate media create a false narrative to serve their own interests, without addressing fundamental core issues. And the corporate media divide America by creating these false narratives. And politicians use it for political gain on both sides.


Let me correct the number ----what I found was 1m under 18 undocumented -4.4m under thirty.