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Immigrant Rights Advocates Denounce Trump DHS for 'Shameful and Cruel' End to Protection for Hondurans


Immigrant Rights Advocates Denounce Trump DHS for 'Shameful and Cruel' End to Protection for Hondurans

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 50,000 people will be "condemned to misery," according to one immigrant rights advocate, following the Trump administration's decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Hondurans who arrived in the U.S. after fleeing their hurricane-ravaged country in 1999.


Hate has an ugly face. As does Trump.


Honduras has an experiment with privately owned charter cities.



They were NEVER Immigrants. They were here till their countries could take them back. All those countries can now take them back. They can take their money back to their own country and help bring it into the 21st Century! That would help more than subsidizing them and ALL their future offspring.


Did you miss the part of the article about what a hot mess Honduras is at the moment?
That some of the unrest is due to USA, Inc meddling and outright regime change?
Or the more salient fact that the R’s and Twitler have morphed into a totally in-your-face racist bunch of haters?
What makes you assume that these people are on the dole (your word, subsidizing)? Fox Snuz?


Were the elders in your family’s history immigrants?


They came here legally when there was no welfare. There was no disability.
In 1968 there were 51 workers for every person on disability. Today there are 13 workers for every person on disability. http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t01.htm http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/8786049-yet-another-record-americans-collecting-disability

23% of the population of California is on Disability
33% of ALL welfare recipients live in California
23% live in poverty

My grandparents on both sides had enough money to buy land and farm.


Flagged for being offensive and racist.


Your relatives were very fortunate.

Many are not.

Some in this country would rather have their tax dollars go to the “less” fortunate.

Some would rather it go to the wealthy.

Some wish not to share with any others.

Which alternative do you favor Postimpressionist?


Well! It’s still there because it’s true and not racist. How can the truth be racist?


I am subsidizing my own family because wages are so low our kids are having a difficult time.

This is what made the US so successful:
Massachusetts in 1700 kept out the infirm and disabled who had no security against becoming public charges (Welfare People). The law required ship captains to post bonds for “lame, impotent, or infirm” passengers who were “incapable of maintaining themselves.” The bond requirement sought to prevent the new arrival from becoming reliant on public relief. Without a bond from the captain, the vessel had to return the person to his home country.

The Law NOW!
Under Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), an individual seeking admission to the United States is inadmissible if the individual, “at the time of application for admission, is likely at ANY time to become a public charge.”

If you want to come here, you must take care of yourself and not depend on others:
Hispanics increase 51 million between 1980 and 2017
That accounts for 1/2 of the population increase while only representing 17% of the population. They need to put a plug in it!

It costs $12,600 to educate a child in the US for 1 year on average.
KP-12 = $163,800
In 2010 there were 6,000,000 Kids of illegal in theUS

6,000,000 X $163,800 = $982,800,000,000. IT’s TWICE as expensive to teach a Special Ed kid

LEGAL Hispanics households have a median income of: $45,000, majority in the 2nd quintile

This means they CONSUME 3-7 TIMES in Programs and Services than they contribute in Taxes.

The Congressional Budget office estimates Household Income/Taxes/BENEFITS in dollars:

(1st) quintile - high $22,800. mean Income, $12,457 received $29,015 in BENEFITS & paid $4,251 in Federal, state and local taxes.

(2nd) quintile - high $48,106. mean income $32,631 household received $24,709 in benefits & paid $9,524 in Federal, state and local taxes.

(3rd) quintile - high $75,651. mean $57,00 still consumes more than it contributes in taxes

No! They do not have the right to come here and demand I subsidize them.


Please move along and post your total racist BS somewhere else.

Your ignorance is absolutely astounding.


I am glad you agree that those stats are $hit, but none the less… the TRUTH! And that’s why it’s such a bad problem. You can live in your bubble and close out the world and rank on people who show you the truth.

What information do you have that contradicts the facts presented? You only have an erroneous opinion if you have no facts.


Truth? You’ve posted a pile of word salad of gobbledegook.
Your ‘facts’ are erroneous Fox Snuz babel, tinged with typical racist/eugenic nonsense about IQs. You seem to be rather fixated on the IQ thing…as if only low IQ individuals perpetuate violence.
Blaming immigrants!, undocumented!, refugees!, the disabled!!! and people that happen to brown or black for your economic woes is insane.
You know what eats up the lions share of your tax dollars? The MIC, not welfare, not food stamps, not section 8 housing. The MIC percentage clocks in at a whopping 54%.
Welfare? Why, pray tell does a company, oil companies for a prime example, get corporate subsidies and then for sh!ts and giggles, do not pay their damn taxes?
All of this, I might add, after making record profits!

Perhaps you can direct your considerable ire upwards to the MIC, the Bank$ters and the creators of ecological collapse who actually create the hellish conditions in so called third world countries and their economies.
The USA, Inc. and their corporate paymasters are the problem.
Does the USA, Inc. practice the Golden Rule? No. Nope. Never.
Do You?


You are off point about Corporate welfare. This comment section is about “Immigrant Rights Advocates Denounce Trump”

Let me put you back on point:

The IQ Breaking Point – How Civilized Society is Maintained or Lost.
It seems like there is a point, somewhere around 97, above which a modern civilization can be maintained and below which things abruptly begin to fall apart.

It’s SCIENCE. Sorry you are ignorant of SCIENCE!

Just google IQ by country and extrapolate those failing countries! It is indisputable that Failing countries are below IQ 97. The FACTS speak for themselves.


An intellectual and a racist.

Good luck with that.


Intellectual Scientist. You are the stupid racist who hates the Europeans who crafted this country!
Again you prove that you have NO FACTS!


And their extended “family” and neighbors also.


Excuse me- the Europeans raided Turtle Island - the name of the country before the Europeans decimated the tribal people.


I suggest you stop ranting about iq. You are off point- and are getting into a dark area. You made good points about immigration- but now you sound pathological when talking about iq. There are also plenty of people who have had high iqs as you term it, and have been destructive and narcissistic. Talk about failing policies in the USA rather than denigrating people because of iq, and you will make more brownie points.