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Immigrant Rights Advocates Mark Father's Day With Vigil at Facility for Migrant Children Torn From Parents

Immigrant Rights Advocates Mark Father's Day With Vigil at Facility for Migrant Children Torn From Parents

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As families across the United States celebrated Father's Day on Sunday, immigrants and advocates held a vigil at the Ursula Border Patrol Processing Center in South McAllen, Texas to express support for children who were torn from their asylum-seeking parents at the Southern border and are now being held in the facility.


Spitting in the faces of those immigrants you pried away from their previously peaceful lives. Way to go Empire–wait, I meant Christo-fascist Empire–can’t forget that all of this was predestined in your Holy Cau$e. Watching the crowd crow “USA, USA, USA!” at Pence’s talk the other day was revolting. Sister Sarah’s and Jeff Sessions’ comments were no better. Gawd, deliver me from these self-righteous freaks.


Our Lord has not forsaken us, Wise One.

He is looking to us to find an answer to our problems as we are the ones who through our ignorance, misguided trust, and outright apathy have allowed them to happen.

We the People will prevail.

When things look like they couldn’t possibly get any worse, wait until the next election.

Then watch what the Zombies do.

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There’s hatred for US soldiers in that child’s eyes; Pure, raw, and sensible hatred.

A hard rain is gonna fall. Those soldiers will soon attack their own country. Napoleon gave his soldiers a bottle of whisky and a ten spot to get them to attack the people, It’s cheaper here and now,


No, I see in the boy’s face, terror, and confusion. The hate will come later after his feelings have a chance to fester.


This is a crime against a little kid, multiplied thousands of times.

It’s a crime against noncombatants committed with the intent of raw racism based specifically on a person’s skin tone. Its nearest analogue would have to be the escalating pattern of Nazi mistreatment of German Jews. I doubt that Mr. Trump would perform this kind of mental torture on a little Norwegian boy, for example.

I predict, based on the many midwestern cops who could no longer torture nonviolent Lakota Sioux in the Black Snake protests, that many ICE agents and allied cops shall soon no longer be able to torture little boys and consequently hear them scream day and night. Many of our neighbors have consciences just like ours and they can’t be perpetually told to perform evil, immoral tortures against tiny human beings, not at any pay grade. Please try to talk to these ICE agents wherever you see them. They need the moral feedback. We need more insider conscientious objectors to this sort of stuff.


Robber baron Jay Gould once infamously suggested during the first gilded age that he could pay half the poor people to kill the other half.
Our brave and heroic solders have already been paid. They are merely awaiting orders. Orders that look as though they will never come, as they don’t have to. America, like Weimar Germany before us, will fall to fascism without so much as a whimper.


Kudos to the Democratic members of Congress who visited the facility in New Jersey and for Senator Merkley for going back to visit a facility in Texas.


Is the prosecution of adults and separation of children occurring when people are going to the proper authorities at border checkpoint and applying for asylum? or only when people are caught after crossing the border illegally, then asking for asylum? Please do not get mad at me and give me a lecture; I’m just trying to figure out this detail that I can’t seem to catch in the articles I’ve read.

This photo reprises the memorable 1973 photo of Dorothy Day, by Bob Fitch, as she awaited arrest along with other supporters of the farmworkers union in California. Her spirit lives on.

Dorothy Day, Presente!

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This is happening to those who are coming here and seeking asylum. Seeking asylum is a legal way to come to the US. In fact Homeland Security has stated that families MUST come to the border and state they are seeking asylum. These immigrants are now being arrested and their children are taken from them.
This ZERO TOLERANCE policy that was enacted in April, is Trumps new hard line policy. It is inhumane and virtually slams the door shut on almost ALL immigrants.


The Trump administration is making no distinction. But writers on the issue should make that clear. I think justified sympathy with all caught up in this program leaves many writers unwilling to address the issue.

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AmeriKKKa, keeping the world traumatized one child at a time…

It would be more accurate to say that the families seeking refuge in a distant country are refugees. When their status has been documented and accepted to enter and stay for a certain time, they could become immigrants. Many of us have family who immigrated from unstable war torn countries but initially they were refugees or displaced persons.

Thanks to those who have such a strong moral compass!

Long Live The Fighters!