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Immigrant Rights and Green Groups Join Forces in Rally at CBP, Demanding Trump Welcome Bahamians and All Climate Refugees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/immigrant-rights-and-green-groups-join-forces-rally-cbp-demanding-trump-welcome

Does it matter who decided? This is an humanitarian crisis. The richest country in the world (only in monetary aspects) deny access to people who have lost everything.

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Why is everyone surprised? Think back and remember how he treated our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico after their nightmare storm. It really comes down to one issue in Trumps tiny brain, if they’re not white, they’re not right. Trump and Lucifer are going to get along great.


From THIS president??

In all seriousness, you’re right in the long term, but the immediate needs of suffering people are not being met—and it’s impossible that some element of intentional cruelty isn’t at the bottom of it.

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