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Immigrants and Unions Make America Great


Immigrants and Unions Make America Great

Héctor Figueroa, Cristina Jiménez Moreta

Clara spends her days cleaning Miami office buildings on her hands and knees. Most days her back screams with pain, but the 47-year-old mother of a teenage son keeps working. She knows that her family depends on the union wages and benefits that she brings home. While Clara worries about her son getting into college and whether her car will make it to work, she does not have to worry that her employer will steal her wages, that she will lose her job for reporting sexual harassment, or that she could have her hours cut due to favoritism or prejudice.


We the People must require all Government workers to join a union and pay dues.

Perhaps then they will understand the importance of representation.


What the author fails to acknowledge in the article is that there are legal and illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants work rock bottom wages and pay no taxes. The legal ones do.

Not sure why unions would protect illegal immigrants that are depressing union members wages.


A lot of illegal immigrants do work and pay taxes but do work for less and are not free agents when it comes to working conditions and other things. Seven Eleven was busted for hiring undocumented workers and had to pay them several million dollars in back pay. The problem is that there is a higher much higher cost for those services they provide. Legal immigrants have more protections all the way around and more responsibility.


To repeat the words of Eugene Debs

"If Socialism, international, revolutionary Socialism, does not stand staunchly, unflinchingly, and uncompromisingly for the working class and for the exploited and oppressed masses of all lands, then it stands for none and its claim is a false pretense and its profession a delusion and a snare.

Let those desert us who will because we refuse to shut the international door in the faces of their own brethren; we will be none the weaker but all the stronger for their going, for they evidently have no clear conception of the international solidarity, are wholly lacking in the revolutionary spirit, and have no proper place in the Socialist movement while they entertain such aristocratic notions of their own assumed superiority."



Yeah, remind me again how that Socialism thing worked out. I forget…


We’ll never know what might have happened if people had voted Debs president. Certainly, a pre-Bolshevik 1917 election of a socialist would have influenced socialism globally…but i forgot, principles in politics is not popular and he wasn’t elected, the lesser evil contestant prevailed…yet again.


Oops, i omitted the relevant quote from Debs

“It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.”


We would probably live in some kind of 1984 hell. The only thing against socialism would have have been Nazi Germany. Which one is worse is debatable.