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Immigrants Aren’t the Emergency—Unchecked Capitalism Is

Immigrants Aren’t the Emergency—Unchecked Capitalism Is

Sarah Schulz

Midland, Michigan, where my husband and I are raising our two young children, is a small town surrounded by rural communities. Many of us living here have seen, generation-by-generation, that we’re falling behind.

Our anxiety is real, but we wholeheartedly reject attempts by those in power to blame immigrant families who have their own struggles, or to suggest that a made up “national emergency” is any kind of solution. We know better.


" The jobs held by immigrants are often either the low-skilled jobs that U.S. citizens often don’t take"

Umm, don’t take at wages offered so illegal immigrants fill the void. If there was no cheap workforce available offers would be higher, positions would be filled, taxes would be paid and all that prolly for a minuscule increase in prices for the rest of us.

Then why in the hell would parents with a brain have a third child? I can’t afford to provide healthcare for two so they have another child?

We have an overpopulation problem and oligarchy unchecked capitalism system of government. We have a planet earth that can only sustain so many human beings.

Sorry but that already hit me the wrong way.

Sarah, thank you for all you do in your community, you are a excellent citizen. We are the problem for planet earth, we cannot keep over populating the planet and yes we need to restrain capitalism. Immigrants are not the problem unless they are having too many children. Many of other problems trace back to overpopulation.

Ditto on the unchecked capitalism (otherwise known as Fascism!). However I suspect TPTB are more concerned about the NUMBER of people entering from the south as opposed to the north rather than what race they happen to be. Of course our unchecked capitalism has really messed with our southern neighbors economies and thus fueled the immigration. It is so crazy when we have a crazed government. gopherit


So, what’s your program to limit people to one child apiece, two on net for “married” couples (cis or queer)?

Ms. Schulz, you are absolutely correct about capitalism. It is not the whole problem, but it is the component within which none of the other problems can be solved. I am an economist, not even a Marxist, and just this evening I enjoyed a lecture by another of like mind (an African-American)who says essentially the same thing. The times, they are indeed a-changing.

Keep the faith: Another renegade economist named Hazel Henderson, one of my early influences now in her late 70s and living in England, got her start in NYC in a campaign against pesticides in her childrens’ school.

My husband is an immigrant. From India. He obtained a PhD, climbed the ranks of corporate and was awarded many times over for increasing the number of jobs in his territory through improved technology, and fair but excellent management practices.
Immigrants come from many countries. Since a 1970’s law allowed more than a trickle of immigrants from countries outside Europe, all kinds of people have come. If you havent noticed, most graduate school tech departments are filled with foreign students, most hotels in the US are operated by Indian families, and in some regions convenience stores and gas stations are funded and operated by immigrants. I talked to convenience store operators in Oakland recently, from the Middle East and Ethiopia.
Immigrants are filling slots across many income levels. Hey, this is America.
Can the US simply open doors? Welllll, do you know how many would come? Teaching college in China, i have asked this question to them, would they come. A flood might occur.
Rain is nice. Floods are difficult to manage.

My program is to educate people about over population and the cost of raising children. Making contraception free or very affordable for all and the morning after pill.

Recall that fifty years ago there was an active zero population growth (ZPG) movement and the issue was widely discussed. During the 1970s, concurrent with the corporations, their media and politicians turning Ralph Nader and other real populists into pariahs, ZPG was serially ridiculed to the extent that the mere mention of it became an act of heresy.

ZPG advocated that single parents have no more than one child while couples have no more than two.

Its class warfare and it started with raygun in 1981 … 40 years of neo-liberal laissez-faire capitalism

ZPG is alive and active. It changed its name to Population Connection in 2002. The people who study this topic (demographers, actuaries, sociologists, and others) have long agreed that the most effective contribution to population control is women’s rights (now “empowering women”), with reduction of poverty (and income inequality in general) close behind. Of course there is considerable overlap between those desiderata. In the meantime, free and available contraception for women to whom it is not forbidden is helpful.

As Jay Gould said “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half”

that’s pretty much what we are back to. The neo cons (in both parties … Bill Clinton was no friend to working people) have turned back the clock 100 years wiping out almost all the progressive gains of the 20th century except for social security and medicare