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Immigrants... Once More


Immigrants... Once More

Christopher Brauchli

“[Man] is immortal . . . because he …has a spirit capable of compassion. . . .”
— William Faulkner, Speech upon receiving the 1950 Nobel Prize

My apologies to my readers. I am sure they get tired of hearing about immigrants. Immigrants get tired of being in a position where the likes of me are compelled to write about them.


“Tornillo”, Texas, is “Screw”, Texas in English. And indeed, the USA is indeed screwing over a lot of poeple who only wanted to escape refuge from the violence that itself is a largely a consequence of US and transnational corporation support of corrupt right-wing governments in Central America. Screwed if they stay, and screwed if they flee.


“Perhaps the children in Tornillo are not as bad off as other classes of immigrants. Their tents are air conditioned. The other classes of immigrants described above may soon find themselves, once again, in the countries they fled, probably without air conditioning.”

As if air conditioned tents are good remedies for lack of schools, community efforts and goals and freedom to live as they wish. Well I know this is meant to be sarcastic.

Too bad immigrants do not know the reality of most countries mistreatment of immigrant before they risk their lives for a better one. Many immigrants have managed a better life as I know from first hand experience but that prospect is becoming more and more difficult in a hate and fearful world.

The oosa is certainly not a exemplary example of freedom and justice any more than European, Middle Eastern or African areas where immigrants have been forced to flee for their lives. Forced to live in concentration camps with limited basic needs and overcrowding they continue to fear for their lives. Why does the world community not have better solutions ? Yea we all know the answer.


Along with the despicable nature of this whole affair, this is another massive corporate welfare giveaway, a gift from the govt. $750 a day to house children in tents ? Who do they think they’re Bullshitting.
They don’t even try to hide it anymore, yet repug’s will wine and cry about social services benefiting the people.
How about we put DC on the drone target list, there’s an action most voters could get behind.




Brauchli sez: “People who had signed contracts to participate in the program… suddenly found the United States government slimily led by the man called Trump, reneging on the promises it had made to the participants. In the middle of 2016, the program was ended and the government began unilaterally revoking the contracts …”

So, Nov. 9 occurs ‘in the middle’ of the calendar year now?