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Immigration and the Shock Doctrine


Immigration and the Shock Doctrine

Andrew Moss

If you look back over the Trump administration's handling of immigration during the past two-and-a-half years, you'll see a pattern of chronic tension and dysfunction. Like many people, you may have apprehended the pattern as a series of specific emergencies and dramatic events: the declaration of an "invasion" at our borders; the shutdown, or threatened shutdown, of our government or our southern border; the separation of migrant families crossing the border; the forced resignation of government officials unable to fulfill the president's demands for ever-harsher measures.



I really thought that W represented the end of the recent Republican era. However, when the Democrats chose to launch the “unsinkable” U.S.S. Hillary, everything changed. The dying gasp I thought I saw during W’s tenure has been doubled down upon, so much so that even wonder boys, such as Paul (the wonk) Ryan, had to scurry back to their nests. Damn it Democrats, get your act together. Throw off your corporate overlords and their minions, no matter how many times you many have casts your votes for them in the past. If we want progress, We have to Embrace, Enable, and Enhance the true Progressives out there. We know who they are. It’s either Us or U$.



Moss is incorrect alleging that Trump is taking advantage of existing crisis to put the screws to us. Unlike 9/11 being exploited by the Dubya regime and the 2008 crash being exploited by the Dubya AND Obama regimes, Trump has CREATED serial crisis that he subsequently gloats on having solved…North Korea, immigration, etc.

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Avoiding environmental refugee crises is going to take more than what gets talked about. It needs some serious challenges to laws that prohibit family planning, to oligarchy, hegemony, to underlying ignorance, superstition and lately, to toxic masculinity.

Unfortunately, no matter what we do, it’s too late to undo the damage. The “depopulation” conspiracy appears before our eyes. Oligarchy planned on profitable wars against the poor to achieve it, but nature is having a go.



The US is reaping what is has sown in Latin/Central/South America over several hundreds of years. Annihilation of indigenous peoples; theft of property thru fraud and forgery; support of murderous oligarchies connected to North American financial systems (and of course the World Bank); suppression of any whim or wisp of change to the status quo all the while bleating like stuck pigs about “democracy”, “rule of law”, “freedom”…etc, etc., ad infinitum until you want to puke. Neither US major political parties, and their handmaidens the actors themselves along with the “lobbyists” who are softly labeled instead of calling them by their proper names: “Bribers of the system”. Either government(s) allow the world’s people to communicate and form “more equitable” societies or the people will push governments out of the way and utilize the true nature of all the telephone poles around the world. Trump may be an idiot but he is appealing to many in this country who feel their “rights” are being usurped.