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Immigration Data That Trump’s “Election Integrity” Commission May Use Is a Pretext to Suppress Latino Voting Rights


Immigration Data That Trump’s “Election Integrity” Commission May Use Is a Pretext to Suppress Latino Voting Rights

Katherine Culliton-González

Much has been written that clearly demonstrates that Donald Trump’s one-sided “election integrity” commission is a sham that will be used to justify generalized voter suppression.


" In May, over two-thirds of 1,400 persons arrested in "round-ups" by Trump's immigration authorities were U.S. citizens "

From the ICE website:

"The operation targeted gang members and associates involved in transnational criminal activity, including drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human smuggling and sex trafficking, murder and racketeering. "

Looks like the op targeted gang members and not "undocumented immigrants" so the fact that 2/3 were US citizens has nothing to do with and immigrant list like the author is trying to imply.

Just as an aside, I voted in 3 different countries, including the US, in all of them I had to present some form of ID. Otherwise how would the election official know that I am who I claim to be?


Maybe i missed it but did Obama do anything like this with long lines in minority communities---and I would really like to get an understanding of voting in some of these southern states with large African American populations and Texas with a large Spanish population-----do democrats want real people struggling to get by voting?They might vote out the corporate democrats.


How can we the people probably 74% and growing trust any information coming out of this administration? Our media is called fake news and not believe by 36% of the people. I do agree the media is useless for informing people and they are not liberal or conservative they are for profits for themselves and large shareholders with some crumbs going to little investors. That is not how a free press operates, we need to take the profit motive out of the free press, healthcare, water/sewer delivery, military, roads, airports, waterways, EDUCATION, drugs, et al.

These people careless about we the people of the world and care less about the planet except for hallowing it out by any means to get more profits. Sycophants all of them.