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Immigration: "Loving Justice"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/10/immigration-loving-justice

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When I was an active lifeguard I used to say that no one dies in my pool no matter who I have to kill to make that so. I wish there were more of that amongst our BP and ICE types, but alas, no such luck. “Just following orders…”

We all agree with your critique of this administration’s behavior and cruelty re treatment of immigrants at the border. My question is: how many immigrants do you propose that we take responsibility for? A few thousand from a specific crisis? Or do you propose that we absorb the hundreds of millions of people who will be on the move in the coming century?

These are serious challenges, and I don’t see in the midst of your sympathetic virtue signaling what the way forward might be. We really need to have a serious discussion about the realities of the coming situation, and plan the best way to meet it and equip others to do so.

The logistics are capable of accommodating newcomers if the political will exists.

When Algeria achieved its independence a million Pied Noirs arrived in France. It coped.

When Germany was unified there were many Ossies who moved to the West. The former GDR lost almost two million inhabitants – or 13.5 per cent of the population - who moved West. (a conservative estimate)

The USA has had its own great migrations, the Dustbowl years recalled in the Grapes of Wrath but less mentioned is the Black exodus from the Southern states to the Northern states.

An example of a generous refugee policy is one by a developing nation that does not have the benefits of American or European prosperity. Uganda hosts well over a million refugees yet they have not closed their border and instead offer land to settle and give them the right to work.

All demographic projections say that there will be a great need for far more immigration, not less, as populations in the developed West drop and the elderly require support by younger generation of newcomers.

We shouldn’t succumb to fear-mongering.