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Immigration Sins of The Past & The Forced Separation Of Families


Immigration Sins of The Past & The Forced Separation Of Families

Leah Litman

Confirming over a year of suggestions, the Trump administration is apparently forcibly separating children from their parents at the border. Last fall, then DHS Security Kelly said that DHS was considering separating children from their parents at the border, only to walk back the suggestion after being pressed by some Senate Democrats.


There were roughly 650 children taken from their parents in 17 days. Did they keep track of who they took and where were their parents? Probably not. Massive demonstrations are planned soon in 40 localities in the US. If you care about not creating illegal concentration camps in the US you need to get involved and not support the Trumpers in this illegal activity. Members of Congress are being prevented from seeing the children.


The isn’t exactly new, because Ellis Island would have been a nightmare…you stay–you go—based on health or some other criteria----but kids and families were separated then too.

Maybe ICE and DHS should focus on some countries who come, and overstay their visits-- just don’t go back home-------------but nothing happens to them.


True justice will come when the Trump family is torn apart and Donnie Jr. is sent to prison for conspiracy to collude with Russians to receive dirt on Hillary Clinton and attempt to alter the election and help his father become resident of the White House.

And, to put the cherry on top, to see Trump Sr. get impeached and then indicted for the multitude of felonies the Special Prosecuter has evidence on, and the subsequent prison term he is given for those crimes, and at the minimum, nationwide public disgrace.

That, will be Priceless.


Native American children were taken from their families and put in boarding schools run by religious fanatics. Their land was taken to pay for the administration of this education. They were sold into medical experiments. molested, and killed. Culturally indoctrinated and this was legal for hundreads of years. The only difference is, that is was done by immigrants.

We need to reshape immigration because it is becoming normalized human trafficking. From it’s source to it’s destination.