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Immoral and Unacceptable: If Scalia Wanted Respect In Death, He Should Have Shown It To More People In Life


Immoral and Unacceptable: If Scalia Wanted Respect In Death, He Should Have Shown It To More People In Life

In the wake of Antonin Scalia's timely death, wingnuts declaim he was murdered, officials announce he will lie in repose, and many - from Elizabeth Warren to the quails he hunted - struggle (or don't) to say something less toxic than the bigot and bully who was "a poison to the nation," who gave us Citizens United, fought against equal rights, cavorted with the powerful while abusing his own power and famously declared "mere factual innocence" was no reason not to execute someone. So about not speaking ill of the dead: As Scalia said after Bush vs. Gore, "Get over it."


Why should an autopsy been performed?
There is of course always the possibility of foul play.
But an autopsy might also reveal the presence of drugs or other substances that the family would not want the world to know about. Such drugs could even cast doubt on previous rulings. Or evidence of a physical basis for a mental disorder. Or Viagra in his system might just be embarrassing for the family.
But the main reason for doing an honest and open autopsy is to put to rest the theories that will be bolstered by the questionable decision to keep everything secret.


Besides WND, I'd note that the Washington Post headlined the absence of an autopsy today. Of course, the Post may not even be as credible as WND, but it is Beltway mainstream, so it's not just "the wingnuts" raising questions ...


I guess one good thing might have come from Dick Cheney, that shooting of Scalia in the butt, the shot that finally brought down the old pig? Or was it Viagra?


hmmm. i thought it was the law if someone died alone. maybe just in Arizona, at least at one time.


I'd go to his funeral if lunch were provided.




Yeah, what did happen to the sex toys in his hotel room?


yes, abby!! long live the see-ya-scalia-wouldn't-want-to-be-ya party. good fucking riddance.


I was at a dinner party the day his death was announced and we toasted his death. His rulings against those outside the ruling class were nothing less than tyranny.


Just this morning I was bemoaning the number of people who get involved in truly hateful comment threads. But then I came across this article (also on Common Dreams): http://www.commondreams.org/further/2016/02/15/protecting-family-values-viagra-seeking-men-themselves, and now the wonderful, witty remarks quoted above.

As long as there is someone who can show contempt for a fairly contemptible person with such humor, perhaps the world is not such a shitty place after all.


When this jerk's last official act on this earth was to basically murder another human being (denying appeal for death row inmate), I'm pretty certain I'm not required to mourn his passing with any decorum. One minute after Scalia died, the world improved by one.
Scalia's existence has been a disaster for millions.


Scalia was an "enemy of the state" considering his contempt of the Constitution. Doesn't take anybody familiar with his unabashed outings with Wall Streeters and powerful corporations like JPMorgan to know who's side he is on.

American history is rich with slavery schemes, but the "wage slave" has been remarkably effective.

Wage Slave


What a pitiful man -- the only good thing I've read about him was Ruth Bader Ginsberg's
comments on a friendship between them and their families.
Hard to understand -- evidently based in love of opera and large families --


Imagine the world-wide jokes and celebrations as more billionaires die. Ding-dong, the wicked cokes are gone. People will be dancing in the streets.


We could use a few more national holidays. Or maybe just "dead oligarch day?" It could be the opposite of Christmas where no one buys anything from the ones that are still living. Or maybe we should do that everyday.


So a lawyer's family is helpless to know what to do and who to turn to if they suspect foul play? (Wiping tear away at their situation.)

A death is considered to have a low probability of foul play if the death was relatively not surprising. Maybe if he was known to have heart disease and was on medicines that would suggest that.

BUT if this family wants an autopsy, they should ask for one. It's that simple. I am actually pretty sure that if a family of this stature wanted one and wanted the State to pay, they could even get that done BUT they can also request an autopsy done on their own dime.

So let the family speak.


Dead oligarch day! What a wonderful way to control greed and avarice.

Go ahead Bloomberg; do your best to get more, you deserve to be president. Hang in there Walker, Gates, Snyder and Whoever else is an idiot slave for money.

Your day to die will come. And we the people will party hearty on Dead Oligarch Day. We will bury you in your gated community and maybe not let your neighbors out till they are all dead and buried with you at the clubhouse starting tee.r


So the quails finally reached their 'tipping point' and chose to off the old buzzard b4 he could dine on even one more of their relatives 🤔 ☮


Aren't they serving deviled Texas quail eggs ?