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'Immoral, Criminal, Inexcusable': Climate Groups Furious as DNC Drops Support for Ending Fossil Fuel Handouts From Platform

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/immoral-criminal-inexcusable-climate-groups-furious-dnc-drops-support-ending-fossil


Let’s not kid ourselves. This wasn’t done without the prior approval of the Biden campaign.
Just like Hillary, Obama, and slick Willy, they told the rubes what they wanted to hear in order to get nominated. Now the latest game of pretend is over.
Like Biden and Pelosi were going to pay any attention to it anyway. Please.
Shit goes in, shit comes out. Thats how the machine works. That’s how it has always worked. Try not to look too shocked.


yep … just a shit show … until we threaten their lives nothing will change


Frankly, ‘immoral, criminal, and inexcusable’ describes the DNC, its smothering of the Party’s left wing, and the candidates themselves.


Does anyone STILL think the DP can be reformed from within? Let’s get dump out in November and then form that third party. I have said this a number of times before and will continue to say it. I would rather fight a corporate dem than a fascist repub.


Speaking of Pelosi, anyone out there in her district in California please go out and vote for Buttar. Ignore the ‘charges’ against him, they are bogus and a smear attempt to keep Pelosi and her ilk in power. Want to shake the DNC power structure to its core, knock out Pelosi [heads explode*]


Like everything else in this “election cycle”, THIS is what they ALWAYS intended to do.

The DNC just has to hide it long enough to get some supporters publicly on board.

There is no reason someone could not write a CRIME SHOW for TV and make the Democrats a syndicate trying to control most working people … through, promisses, lies, and … “contracts” while silencing the defenders of truth.


The olds are dying off, leaving room for the new Squad members… who are much further to the left.


The ONLY “threat” that would really work … is LEAVE. Simply leave.

Form another party (or join with others), and SET OUT, from the start, to publicly DECLARE your Goals and Plans for the nation and its working people.

SET UP … a PLACE TO GO. And people will follow!

FORGET FIGHTING “your party’s leadership” to get a word in edgewise!
• EVERY Fight should be a GOAL for the new party to attain. Nothing less.
• Stop f-in’ Begging!! Do not listen to their BS excuses anymore!!


No surprise here!

This what the DNC & friends … ALWAYS do.
… and in the process they screw US!


It’s always been the rich that stand in the way of evolution .
Now they stand in the way of a home for our children and our children’s children .

The profit survival motive is a false reality an illusion used to deny responsibility .

We must be responsible for all of it .


Fascism is a difficult word to define. If socialism is basically the control of the private sector by the government, then it’s possible to define fascism as its inverse: the control of the government by the private sector. Looked at that way, corporate democrats are fascists. As is Trump. As is Biden. Democrats are more fascist than Republicans become they now insist on suppressing what they call “fake news,” which is, in practice, anything that opposes corporate/establishment views.

Your priorities are the opposite of mine. Replacing Trump with Biden will make the changes we need harder to achieve. We need to end the corporate/fascist Democratic party, foster further civil rebellion, and then impeach and remove from office Donald Trump. And then end the fascist Republican party. In that order.


Way too optimistic. The Democratic party is in the process of recruiting Republicans to replace younger, more progressive members. The party is moving increasingly to the right. It will never become a home for Progressives.


Hey, Noam Chomsky and David Packman, there’s your Joe Biden Democrats!

Not worth voting for.

It’s 2016 all over again. The only thing that remains to be seen is if Ivanka can get the White House in 2024.


Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, [said] ‘it’s outrageous that the Dem establishment is caving to big money donors and moving backwards on fossil fuel subsidies.’

… it is absolutely expected!


Socialism is the control of the private sector by the workers, not the government or the owners. Everyone has a say and a share in Socialism.


Too many progressives make the mistake that Sanders did: he thought the path to progress went through the Democratic party. Instead, he failed to reform the party and was assimilated. He raised about 1/5 of a billion dollars and accomplished nothing of any enduring value.

The Democratic party is where Progressives, their money, and their causes go to die.


DNC making it harder and harder to even vote for Biden. The whole convention so far has been a nod to simply a return to corporate establishment control once Trump is out and snubbing taking any meaningful action on the many existential challenges we face. There seems to be minimal if any acknowledgement that there are any issues other than Trump. Certainly no vision or plans for the future.

Note that I still plan to vote, because there are hundreds of elections from federal to state to local that matter too.


I like the way that you think. I hear lots of people on here berating true progressives because they refused to vote for Hillary. They think that installing the lesser of two evils would magically solve all of our problems. The truth is that Hillary would have just been a slower decent into fascism! We needed to get a true fascist like Trump in office to open our eyes to how bad the oligarchs are destroying the American way of life. You have to hit bottom before you can start to go back up and we have definitely hit rock bottom with the clown that we have now! Hopefully it’s not too late to wake up and get people involved in the process of taking back control of our government and ridding our Country of the slime that has permeated every administration since the mid 60’s.


The streaks in my bicycle’s headlight on this morning’s predawn commute were more plentiful than Perseid last week, looked like light rain but no wetness. Curiously, first light was west not east today. Ash rained harder from the orange underbelly of the street lamp lit behemoth smokecloud looming from the ravaged Sierras, while I could hear Neil Young sing “Mother Nature on the run…” over my coughing. So this is what riding on the edge of Hell is like, we’ll see the sixth ring this afternoon when it’s 113 degrees.