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'Impeach Donald Trump Now' Billboard Goes Up a Mile from Mar-a-Lago


'Impeach Donald Trump Now' Billboard Goes Up a Mile from Mar-a-Lago

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

About a mile from the so-called "Winter White House," the Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump has installed a crowd-funded billboard to advocate for removing the president from office.

"No one is above the law. Not even the president," reads the billboard, located on Southern Boulevard, which leads directly to Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.


Ahhhh Donny boy, I hope that chocolate cake tastes good with a side of ‘Impeach[ment]’!


At first glance, the emperor will be pleased to see such a HUGE photo of himself on a billboard but then when one of his minions reads the text to him, DJT will explode (after another minion then explains what the word “impeachment” means and how it applies to him…). In DJT’s mind, he is above reproach, the rule of law, and expulsion from the throne.


The trump “Mar-a-Lago Limbo” How low can you go?


And the name of the manse should be Mal y Loco to commemorate its owner.


I had a little climax thinking about his reaction every time he sees that beeeeeea-utiful billboard … wouldn’t it be satisfying if it was the thing that caused his permanently debilitating stroke??? :hugs::hugs::fireworks:


Oh Donald. Remember those citizens with pitchforks and clubs…


Mafia Don is going down. Ding dong…ding dong…the wicked prick needs an orange suit to match his hue.
Impeach then lock him up.
The solution is revolution.:fist:


Some Redneck poseur is sure to shoot that sign down. Especially in a gun crazed Nazi state like Florida.



There you go again talking dirty. You know how that affects me.

The only strokes I hope “The Donald” sees, is the ones he’s subjected to perform on his knees in the showers in prison by all of his new mates there.


O.M.Goddess what a beeea-utiful picture that is! He might have a ‘come to Jeebus moment’ yet!!!

And thnx for the compliment!

Concerning your comment about ‘positives and negatives’ – I have been a registered Independent since the first presidential election I was old enough to vote in – I registered


Hang the bastards, they don’t pay taxes and steal from us to get so filthy rich without ever working,


I think some creative person called him Orange Mussolini


I can’t stand Donald Trump but remember that the Zionist in the deep state want him out since they are the real king makers in America not the voters.


Please, just be careful with the fucker, he’s
highly volatile you know.


Thank you – that gives me hope that one way or another he will be out!


Pure evil. How did this guy get elected?


I’ve been asking myself that question since the morning after the election; are there really that many idiots in this country; is this the result of the reptard gerrymandering; is there really something to Russia buying him the election – or is it equal parts of all three? You are right that he is evil, but he’s also at least one standard deviation below the mean, and as we can all see, a retarded bully is a clear and present danger to all of civilized society!