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Impeach Scott Pruitt for Dismantling the EPA, Not His First-Class Flights


Impeach Scott Pruitt for Dismantling the EPA, Not His First-Class Flights

Basav Sen

No self-respecting prosecutor would be proud of winning a shoplifting conviction for a suspected murderer. But that’s almost exactly what’s happening in the congressional investigation of Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt.


When the Cuyahoga River again catches fire, let’s get together and construct a raft, tie Pruitt to it, and release it upstream of the blaze. Only fair. Oh shit, let’s be capitalists. Rafts for the Kochs and their minions, too. We can sell tickets and open a concession stand. Let’s not forget gas masks if we want to maximize our bottom line. I’m sure “Burning Man” is already taken, but perhaps we can trademark “Burning Men”.


If we are going to burn some men, let’s do the job right and get the head serpent, Donald “John of Arc.”

Put “that” on Pay-per-View, and I bet his entire base will watch.


Today, we had a client complain to the WIC program about glyphosate being found in Cheerios. This mother apparently thinks its WIC’s responsibility to warn the clients about such things. My response was to assume that everything you eat has been sprayed considering that Scott Pruit, appointed by rump, is leading the EPA in order to absolve manufacturer’s responsibility for the safety of their products.


Seeing how Obama appointed dozens of GMO/pesticide cartel operatives Obama to high level positions during his 8 years (including Ag. Secretary Vilesack), finding legal poison in Cheerios is not a Trump problem or a Pruitt problem, its a money in politics problem.


Exactly Ray.

While I understand the writers problem with the reason for removing Pruitt, like Al Capone, at this point I’ll take anything to remove all of Trumps appointees.


The stage for some very rotten shite trump is following-up on was set by obama who sold us all a pig-in-a-poke lie of his “progressivness” that “change we could believe-in” was garbage and massive lies/deceit.from a very canny political con-man. Together with bill clinton and shillary, obama set the progressive cause, unity, and issues back decades! The great black hype was a fraud and betrayer of so much…trump is hated for his style of screwing us…obama just had a “kinder and gentler” style of screwing us! MoFo’s ALL!


All Trump-like. The Congress, in our system, gets the money, and they decide what to do. The Congress has “staffers” who watch cash flow, and learn what the Congress wants done. The system established by the Constitution means that the Legislature is the Policy Making Group, and the Executive is the Make Sure the Government Acts To Accomplish Congressional Policy. This means that Scott Pruitt does not and can not make policy. Rather he is, as his title dictates, the “Administrator” the person who directs the people in the EPA to do what the Congress wants done. The fact that the Administrator does not have a clue does not change anything. Congress has the ability to take his money away, to fire him, to hold him in contempt.


The entire government goes along with the tyranny to be re-elected and rake in the cash. The old CIA evil bastard Bush was the top kingpin setting up where we find ourselves today. The demons are fully entrenched now while their brainwashed well paid police state goon squads have zero respect for human life. Every day the threat advances as the people are otherwise occupied trying to make a decent living. The future looks very bleak.


But Congress won’t!


Basav is correct: Average voters are sick of petty personal ‘scandals’, and don’t know what to make of them anyway, in this age of hyper scandal-mongering.

Pruitt is far more vulnerable (t.e., potentially removable via malfeasance charges) for his illegal, blatant undermining of EPA policies & procedures that have been set into law by congressional statute at the behest of generations of voters.
Since most voters, today, favor an accelerated transition to clean, renewable energy sources, and since even most Republicans still want sensible protections for the nation’s air, land, and water resources, Pruitt’s frontal attack on exactly these widely-supported programs & policies is highly unpopular – all of which increasingly marks him for potential Removal by Popular Demand (via congressional action). It only remains that we, the opponents who seeks his ouster, stay focused on the more important outrages that he is perpetrating, and not get bogged-down in too much micro-personalissima.