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Impeach the President. Period.


Impeach the President. Period.

Ryan Cooper

Honoring the long tradition of Republican criminals in and around the executive branch, President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted Tuesday on eight counts of financial fraud.


vote! the people must become we the people and let it be known we won’t put up with political criminals who are only benefitting themselves. he needs to go. either by impeachment , resignation, or carted off in handcuffs. also, this supreme court nomination needs to go away for the time being. are there really those who don’t recognize the stench of dictatorship?


It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: Impeachment isn’t a Constitutional crisis. It’s the cure for a Constitutional crisis.


The only solution I see is for Democrats to defeat the GOP in the next several elections, take power, then investigate and prosecute every white-collar criminal in sight, their own corrupt co-partisans very much included.

Have to wonder if the author was in a coma for eight years of Obama and the Democrats. Obama and holder prosecuted NO white collar criminals, not to mention ANY war criminals. This is the party that the author expects to clean up our cancerous political system? Yeah, right.


I’ve not heard a better and more well worded Presidential speech for Mike Pence. Be very VERY fucking careful what you wish for you sanctimonious, self-serving prick


The survival of America depends on We the People rejecting any and all so-called politicians put before us from both parties of the Duopoly.


It is hard to act on all this because the country is spit on what kind of country America should be at the most fundamental level. I would say the majority, perhaps about 60%, want the country to remain a liberal democracy and follow the Constitution the way it has for over 240 years. But a sizable minority want an entirely different type of country. They want an autocratic government with a strongman leader and country that is dominated by white people or is exclusively of white people. Just about every western European country has a similar spit in the population. This this sort of division it is difficult to move forward on anything including political corruption. And Russia is taking the side of the white nationalists in both the US and western Europe. In the US I think those who favor continuing a liberal democracy if they can get enough votes to put the Democrats in power and force the white nationalists to realize they can’t have their way because they don’t have the numbers. The white nationalists of course realize this and have been busy rigging the system so a minority can obtain permanent power over the majority. This means putting right wing extremists in the courts, destroying the free press, passing voting suppression laws, gerrymandering voting districts in their favor, preventing non-whites from immigrating, deporting as many non-whites as possible, preventing undocumented immigrants from having a path to citizenship, spreading lies about their political opponents, disseminating conspiracy theories, etc. They also have the electoral college sort of “rigged” in their favor. And the senate is sort of “rigged” in their favor as half of the senators, who come from rural states represent only 18% of the population. California has about 12% of the US population but only two senators, the same amount as rural states such a Wyoming. So the white nationalists, who largely live in rural areas, have much more political power than they should in a democracy because of our political system and determined efforts to gain additional power over the majority.


As I’ve said many times before, the Dims are the biggest impediment to Trump’s impeachment (which should have begun on Day 1 over the “emoluments” clause in the Constitution. The Dims won’t move on this (until the end) for two reasons: 1) Trump as a whipping boy is all they have; 2) They don’t want to alienate “moderate” Rethugs and even Trumps who may vote for Dims masquerading as “progressives.”


Yes, I agree completely. The Iraq War, based on lies, with over a million dead and a previously functional country lying in ruins, overrun by terrorist factions, and the Democrats, with a majority in the House and Senate, and with a Democratic President… did nothing to punish any of the perpetrators of this greatest of crimes.
This present scandal is pretty much miniscule in comparison in its effect on living beings’ lives, and the Dems are going to take action? What delusion!
But, maybe, the Dems WILL take action, since there may be more political capital to be made now than with the Iraq situation.


The author makes the point, which may or may not be correct, that investigations of Trump and his buddies will be an electoral advantage for Democrats this November. Pelosi has pretty much admitted that your point #2 is correct, and many people here keep bringing up the “what about Pence” consequence of impeachment.

But if what the author says here is correct, and if Dem leadership is aware of this, then they would have compared on the one hand their electoral advantage of not impeaching because they don’t want to alienate moderates who voted for Trump, and on the other hand their electoral advantage of not only impeaching, but promising to stifle newly inaugurated Pence at every step and to go after all corruption if they win big in 2018, thus winning back the left that they’ve already alienated.


Quite frankly, I don’t think this Democratic Party wants to (or is capable of) “winning back the left.” Firstly, except for current/former Bernie supporters, there are very few from “the left” that will ever deal with the more effective wing of the capitalist duopoly. Secondly, Bernie (and the party) lost many supporters when he threw his support to the Red Queen of chaos and the corrupt DLC/DNC leadership before and during the convention.

Also, Sanders (and many of the new “progressive” Dem congressional candidates) are afraid to make a clean break with capitalist imperialism. This means that they are tacitly supporting domestic austerity (no matter what they say) and the totally immoral ideology of neoliberal imperialism (no matter what they say).

The long-and-short-of-it, no matter what happens with the criminal Trump or in November, the party will become even more irrelevant and remain an enemy of the 99%


“The only solution I see is for Democrats to defeat the GOP in the next several elections, take power, then investigate and prosecute every white-collar criminal in sight, their own corrupt co-partisans very much included.”

How would that change the rigged “pay for play” system? Here is the new way:

  1. Few politicians of any party would give up their Big Money bribes by installing Wall Street unfriendly liberals and progressives.


Right. And then there are the many articles of late recounting the Democrats’ statements on avoiding impeachment in order not to “hurt their chances” in the 2018 elections.

The problem is not Republican corruption—it’s the absence of in party in opposition to that corruption.


Impeach Trump and Pence becomes president. Pence is worse because less obviously crazy. Trump is not the problem. A political system asked us to choose between the two most hated presidential candidates in history is the problem.


This comment is right on point. Well done.


The fascist, Insane fraud Must be removed from the throne! The greatest danger to the World 's People and Mother Earth every day gets more Evil !


“It is hard to act on all this because the country is spit [sic] on what kind of country America should be at the most fundamental level.”

I can’t disagree with that!


TRUMP IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM. REPUBLICANS ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM. They’d gut their Mom for a buffet coupon. Bush invade Iraq and stole the oil. Bush took the month off before 9-11. Trump is a maggot. You should know maggots, all you do is bitch about who can’t do anything for you. What the hell do you do anyone? Did you enlist and serve? Republicans just stole 30 percent of the corporate tax base and deny global warming. Don’t tell them illiterate racist thieves who raped Jesus into a daisy cutter are not the problem. Pelosi and the Magic Jew suck but they can be overwhelmed BUT do not say racist Neanderthals are not the problem.


“Would be impeached immediately”? You mean because he had affairs with two women instead of just one like Bill Clinton?