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Impeach Trump. Then Arrest Trump. Then Prosecute Him for Sedition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/11/impeach-trump-then-arrest-trump-then-prosecute-him-sedition


I appreciate Reich’s column but, like so many yelling for accountability, he isn’t telling his audience the problem: Senators are not in Washington and won’t be for over a week. It’s the Senate that votes to convict and remove a president. There’s nothing—zero—anyone can do about that except for Senators. So, we are getting the usual wait-it-out approach McConnell takes to these things.

Here’s my honest rewrite of the title of this piece:

“Bring the Senate Back. Impeach Trump. Then Arrest Trump. Then Prosecute Him.”


Good essay, and, Mr. Reich is absolutely correct, all who are responsible for this, all who participated in this treasonous plot must be held accountable. That includes the infected anus trump, his son, rudy the brainless, cruz, hawley, and all the enablers, both in and outside of government. if it were up to me, it would be minimum 200 lashes and a hemp rope.

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If a “friend” asks you to drive him or her to a store, and that person then murders the clerk and robs the store, you will be charged with murder (depending on your race of course).

Here we have Trump telling people to march on the Capitol and to stop the steal. The rioters then proceeded to bludgeon a police officer to death.

Every single one of the participants, including Trump, should be charged with murder.

Of course Trump will then just pardon everyone involved, including himself.


Robert Reich seems one of the few who see clearly the threat to American democracy itself - to the very idea of the United States.

The first doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction rose with that first atomic mushroom cloud over New Mexico - when a New Age was ushered in -

Now there is another MAD doctrine loose in the world - the doctrine of the predatory nation state, their military and intelligence arms, and the vast Industrial Complex which enables this race to Armageddon.

It is called, for want of a better word - The Anthropocene - when hubris reigns supreme.

But ‘Pride commeth before the Fall’ - we have heard - only we have never really heard it - it just pased through one ear and out the other.

Bob Woodward, Greenpeace, the United Nations - diamonds.

And we are the rough.


All seditionists who revel in the rebel flag should be lined up against a wall with the stars and bars up their arses and feel the historic significance of the Gatling gun. Karma, writ large.


This is why I have been saying since the election that Trump will not be around for Jan. 20. He is a cowardly little bitch whose greatest fear is arrest and going to prison, not losing Twitter followers. I had thought that he would resign to get a for-sure legal pardon from Pence, but he probably burned that bridge last week. Although, as part of a deal with the party to get him out ASAP, Pence might agree to pardon him if he quickly resigns. In any event, I predict that he will flee the country for political asylum from NY state charges, which Pence can’t pardon him from, only Andy Cuomo could do that, and that’s not going to happen. Yes, he would be giving up all of his assets here, but by all accounts they are all heavily in debt, and will probably be seized in court anyway. Our effed up campaign finance laws allow him to keep most of the hundreds of millions off $$$ he has raised since the election, so don’t cry for him Argentina, he will be able to live on that. I’m sure there is already a secret offshore account for the money. I believe that last Wednesday started out as one of the last parts of his post-election fundraising scam, and it got way out of hand. I wonder how much he raised in the last 10 days? Yes, I’m totally cynical, but I think I’m justified.


You left out, that if Pence does not pardon him, Joe Biden will make an impassioned speech about forgiveness and healing as he pardons Trump as one of his first official acts. They are all in it together.


It is especially infuriating and suspect that most or all who have been arrested from actions at the Capitol are charged with slap-on-the-wrist crimes. Where are the major felonies and treason-linked charges?

Reich is absolutely correct when he writes that ALL who were part of this treason be held to full account! All who committed violent acts inside the building, members of any police agency taking-part, anyone armed, were involved in planning, supporting/inciting via any media and funding the terrorist event/mob, those forcing their way into the Capitol building or committed violent acts outside, and especially all that brought arms into the building.or handcuffs who were apparently planning to shackle and perhaps kidnap or kill elected Congress members. Little or nothing will take place until trump is out of the WH and a new AG is in office. Investigating links between police and the mob may be of first importance and forced cleaning-house of such right-wing racist violent elements in such positions of great power…and the usual impunity for murders and other violence!

The attempts to downplay or miss-characterize the de facto terrorism must not be tolerated and strongly challenged. Several examples include falsely blaming ANTIFA and trump-appointed Pentagon toadies/co-conspirators calling the events “First Amendment Protests”. WTF?? ALL trump shills and co-conspirators must be run out of any position of influence and/or power…especially police and military!

Accountability, like truth, has become not the norm it must be in any moral society dedicated to the Common Good, but has been intentionally degenerated into rarity, whether elected officials/politicians, corporations, polluters, or warmongers and the arms industry…premeditated and pervasive…

No society can continue to evolve when the prerequisites critical to any society are ignored and destroyed in favor of the behaviors we have seen ad nauseum from the orange creature and his co-conspirators, lap-doge, toadies, and minions


Anything to weaken the words of a wise person. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!

Okay, what did I say that was wrong? Reich didn’t mention the key problem: Senators are not in DC. Trump ain’t going anywhere, via impeachment and removal, unless they come back. Fact: the Senate votes to convict and remove him, not the House.

The only leverage Pelosi has is if there are enough Republicans to back impeachment articles to sway McConnell to try to bring the Senate back in session. Otherwise, McConnell is waiting this out like he always does.

Impeach Trump. Then Arrest Trump. Then Prosecute Him for Sedition

What does this spell? JUSTICE.

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From the Wall Street Journal:

"WASHINGTON—House Democratic lawmakers introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump on Monday accusing him of inciting an insurrection as they pressed ahead with efforts to remove the president following the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“There may well be a vote on impeachment on Wednesday,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D., Md.)."

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Very telling picture of the smashed camera equipment, it reminds me of the well known films of Nazis burning books. It is all the same thing; the media-if it is doing its job- brings knowledge, just as books do . People like that don’t like knowledge; they are cultists they have faith in dear leader but no knowledge. This is why they believe such absurdities as the “stolen election”.


as good a scenario as any.

If he’s banking on Israel, he’s going to be disappointed. Bibi may love him for greenlighting the capitol move as well as the massive annexation, but no way do they risk the “special relationship” over one dude. Especially since Trump didn’t give them their Iran war.

Where, really, can the dude go? I know some partisans will scream Russia, but they’ll be disabused of that soonest. He made Putin’s life miserable with his constant waffling and base expansions, not to mention leaving sanctions in place. So that’s out. Plus, like Israel, Russia’s in no mood to incur the wrath of the US by trolling them on Trump.

Saudis? Possible, but Israel’s rule applies here, too. MBS is not in the most secure position, and harboring Trump would make enemies with a party he doesn’t want. Especially since the dude relies on US weapons to make war on a bunch of Yemeni tribesmen.

Really, who would take this guy and the baggage he’d be bringing with him?

trump can be impeached after he leaves office. this will then bar him from running for office again and will negate his 200K retirement from the government, his 1 million $ annual travel budget plus he will loose his secret service for life protection. Impeach him !

McConnell’s stall tactics are a response. The Attack Ads against the Republicans in 2 years should read “They took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but when that Constitution was under attack … THEY DID NOTHING!”

Combine with images and videos from the riots, and a shot of the Constitution in the National Archives.

McConnell’s response is to Do Nothing, and that is a response, and he and the Republicans should be, must be called on it. In modern America, the 2022 campaigns have already begun.


His authoritarian soul-mate, Bolsonaro in Brazil is who and where I have in mind. He can play golf there every day, year 'round.


What’s wrong is the irrelevance of your sloppy criticism of Robert Reich for something he didn’t say. There’s no innate reason for him (or anyone) to bring up some picayune point which would dilute and detract from what the person does have to say.

And why is the present absence of the Senate so “key” when impeachment comes first and that’s the role of the House?

You’re assuming impeachment is a bad idea unless the Senate immediately convicts? The Senate with two thirds majority requirement may never ever convict. A thousand impeachments of Trump would nevertheless be appropriate starting with the items of domestic covid deaths and international child separation.

The House should forge ahead. Que sera, sera (the future’s not ours to see).

Four years ago, protestors against Trump’s inaguration, silly people who tried to warn of the rise of fascism in America, were charged with a ‘rioting’ offense that carried a maximum 75-year prison sentence.

And I have yet to year the words “Felony Murder” mentioned by any official. In the places where the Republicans have firm control, “Felony Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer” will get you a death sentence. For those who’ve never watched Law and Order while killing time in a hotel room, Felony Murder is the charge when you commit a felony and someone else dies in your crime, whether you killed them directly or not.