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Impeach Trump? Transcript Will Tell Whether President Blabbed Secrets To Russians


Impeach Trump? Transcript Will Tell Whether President Blabbed Secrets To Russians

Joe Conason

If Donald Trump disclosed highly classified state secrets to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister, he may be vulnerable to impeachment — not because he broke the law, which evidently he did not, but because he committed an act that would be considered criminal and perhaps treasonous if perpetrated willfully by any other government official.


rump is an insecure child and must constantly brag to others how “important” he is. THIS is what will lead to him being driven from office. And once he is discredited, the whole lot of the repub party will have no moral authority to lead (as if they ever did).


This story is a real stretch. I hold no brief for Trump but the one positive aspect of his Presidency is that it contains the prospect of co-operating with other nations rather than confronting them to keep the Military Industrial Complex happy.
In this case it looks as if Trump might have been trying to get Russian cooperation to put an end to, firstly, the war in Syria (500,000 dead) and secondly the Al Qaeda/ISIS alliance that Mrs Clinton did so much to build up.
Put fairly before the American people the choice would be overwhelming: defeat Al Qaeda and put an end to the nightmare of nuclear war.
It is sad to see Democrats putting the interests not even of their party but of their tiny faction within the party above those of humanity and the American people.


“President Bush ordered those transcripts to be released immediately” (in reference to transcripts of Bill Clinton when Bush assumed the presidency).

Too bad Obama didn’t have that attitude, so we might have gotten to the truth of the corruption that existed in the Bush administration. This is my biggest problem with Democratic politicians, they’re such a bunch of forgiving wussies while the GOP is a bunch of cutthroats who will do anything to get ahead.


Impeaching Trump is like putting a band-aid on a sick and dying person. To quote Mr. Hedges: " Trump is a symptom of America’s disease". Trump is the expected result; not the cause of America’s political, disease. And in my view, Pence would not be any better, because it is the political, miasma of what America’s government has become that will never changed until the disease is eradicated!

All the proof you need of my above statement is: Nixon was impeached a long time ago and nothing has changed since and the fact that Nixon, even though found guilty and criminally, culpable, that he had to resign, Was exonerated and pardoned!


… and just who is going to save us from pervasively corrupt, incompetent, venal, and dangerous Congress? Huh?


And the bull rolled off the nickel… The narcissistic demagogue had to show these powerful men just how powerful he also is…my - - - k is bigger than yours…see? There was no strategy behind his braggadocio…just hubris and pomposity.


Isn’t fun to see reality stare people in the face and watch so-called progressives still try and find a way to rope Clinton, the Democrats, whoever the bad-guy of the moment is into the narrative? I give it points for creativity.


Try this on for staring reality in the face: http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/05/16/the-great-acceleration-and-obliteration/

You hold an extremely narrow focus. i give it points for refusal to look reality in the face, but your focus does nothing to actually address the real-time civilizational and ecological crises that are accelerating.

Trump is not “the problem” in any meaningful way, with regard to the systemic collapse that is underway. Solving the problem of ecological and civilizational collapse, requires WAY MORE substantive transformation than simply removing Trump.

The neoliberal Democratic party offers NOTHING substantive to transform the ACTUAL SYSTEMS that are rapidly destroying the ecological foundations of humanity.

But with your narrow focus, you simply cannot see it.


Well, when you get your massively awesome Great Accleration focused party elected to do massively revelatory anti-Great Acceleration things, give me a ring. I’ll be waiting in the real world, where problems are challenging to fix, often take compromise to resolve, and where we are distracted from the REAL ISSUES unlike you.


Thanks for retaining your predictably narrow focus.

Your “realism” ignores far greater REAL ISSUES than you allow yourself to recognize. Your “real world” is actually dis-integrating.


I suspect the reason this has turned into an issue is that the foreign source of the intelligence that was disclosed to the Russians was from Israel.



As long as the Trumpster was on the up and up, there is not a whole hell of a lot that can be done about this. As long as the Trumpster believed that this information could be put to good use in the fight against ISIL and al-Qaeda by the Russians, there is not much that Congress could do about this. Besides, suddenly everybody is all bat shit because an Amerikan President disclosed classified information to the Russians, when President Bush and his band of corporate military cut throats outed a deep cover CIA Operative, the Amerikan people weren’t that put out over it. Why the bat shit craziness now? Because Hillary and her band of female cut throats are out to take back the crown and throne from the Trumpster!


KC, Clinton and the Democrats, provided their own rope. No one else was needed. They successfully killed their own chances. And our country’s, when they intentionally killed Bernie’s right to be that party’s nominee.

If you had any vision past this party, you might see it’s flaws which are fatal for what’s left of our Democracy.

Our freedoms, our equality, are more important than their pimping themselves for money in order to keep their jobs.

A lot is being said lately about how Republicans need to put Country before Party, however, the Democratic Party Establishment needs to be given the same lecture.


First of all, why is Russia an “adversary power”? This is the same nation that without their help in World War Two, the Nazi’s might have won. This is the same nation that America had continuously demonized from day one because of their experiment to represent the 99%. This is the same country that had to enter into an arms race simply because the U.S. placed a target on their backs at the end of the World War out of fear that the ideals of socialism would spread to America and curtail the corporate rape of America. This is also the same nation that dismantled their socialist State at the behest of the U.S. with promises of a “Marshall plan” to help the Russians in their democracy as well as an end to the nuclear arms race. Both promises were broken by the U.S. as corporate America once again got their way despite the will of the people.
I believe that the unfair treatment of Russia by Clinton and her allies on behalf of her financial backers, was a large reason that Americans were worried if she became president and were allowed to continue her provocative stance and attempts to produce ‘regime change’ there.
I have no doubt that Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia is as simple as securing a foothold in their huge oil reserves for U.S. investors, but it is still preferable to anything that Clinton proposed.
If we are to impeach/remove/curtail Trump, the push to return to the stupid cold war mentality is the last thing we need. Instead all of the focus should be on Trump’s betrayal of the social contract Presidents are supposed to have with their citizens. Tax evasion, conflicts of interest, bribes and the willful attempts to undermine the public interest is the only route to take if we’re to end up with a better government than the one we have.


I take your point, but your facts are a bit off.

To say that he was found guilty is not accurate. Once impeachment proceedings were initiated in the House, Nixon came to realize that he did not have the votes to escape conviction in the Senate, so he resigned. Yes, he was pardoned. Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon for “any crimes he might have committed against the United States while president.”

Not exactly an exoneration.


Good point, thanks for your reply.