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Impeaching the Symptom, Not the Disease

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/03/impeaching-symptom-not-disease


It is absolutely certain that the House will impeach President Trump. However, the Trump administration seems to adopting a strategy of non-cooperation. Consequently, the impeachment process is unlikely to reveal new information on the Trump/Biden/Ukraine issue.

While I agree with that enough evidence has already been revealed to prove that President Trump sought to pressure a foreign leader in order to attack a political adversary, President Trump, and Republicans, will accuse Democrats assuming him guilty and impeaching him without evidence. In the end, the Senate is unlikely to vote to have Trump impeached. Those who support Trump will be more motivated to support him, those who oppose him will find more grounds to oppose him, and those who no opinion will likely be more convinced that both Parties are corrupt.

Unfortunately, Washington Consensus mouthpieces - the US mainstream media and pundits - will likely drown out news of other issues of local or global concern such as US violation of human rights of migrants and US/global lack of adequate action to address the anthropogenically driven climate crisis, erc.


Impeaching Trump would . . get rid of Trump, or at least begin the process to do so. That’s about it. The rest of our problems would remain in place.

Yup. But this is heresy to all those pundits at MSDNC, CNN and the NYT.


Trump is corrupt to the core. He a racist and a fascist as the article mentions. That said people have to understand that the MSM is leading them along with what stories they choose to print and focus on.

As example I think this would be a major story for any Journalist that is in pursuit of the truth. Two Fire Commissioners in New York City whose departments dealt with the fires on 9/11 have signed a letter indicating that 9/11 investigations need to be reopened as they feel with 100 percent certainty that explosives were used to take these buildings down. This letter was issued back in July yet no newspaper in the mainstream media deemed it a newsworthy event. I would think given the trajectory of endless war that the 9/11 incidents sent the USA on and the trillions spent on that war and the millions of lives lost , this story would be front and center.

There a reason the MSM decides to print and report on what it does report on and it not because they deem it their duty to inform the public of the truth. They are selectively reporting on affairs deemed important to the guys giving the orders. They are propaganda outlets and nothing more.

With this in mind and taking the skeptics approach of “Why does the media want me to believe this or to focus on this…” you can glean some elements of what the disease really is.


It’s imperative and urgent.

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For example:

Why not?  Because, as with the Wall Street Banksters who gave us the Bush Recession, O’Bummer and P’Loser had their marching orders from the PTB — “Look Forward, Not Back.” and the MSM had their marching orders too — “Don’t Look, And Say Nothing Bad About The LYING Son-of-a-Bush.”


Puss is a symptom of infection, but you dont just leave it and take the antibiotics.
You start by cleaning up the puss


" Impeaching the symptom, not the disease."
The only antidote to this fascist disease, it seems to me, is to impeach the cause of the disease which to me, means Regime change and getting rid of MIC and Amerika’s military dictatorship.

Franklin said that we have given you a “Republic, if you can keep it” and when it comes to the military and it’s egregious trillion $ budget when so many people in the US are homeless and many others one paycheck away from being homeless; it is evident to me that if Benjamin Franklin were alive today he would probably say: " YOU LOST IT!"


Absolutely, Mr. Koehler . . . absolutely.


PHOTOGRAPH: “Melania, does this booger look Russian or Ukraniun to you?”

Well said, Shantiananda! Benjamin knew it was going to go to hell; I’d bet on it because he was very in touch with human nature.

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The Trump presidency, among the others whose chief executives would have been hanged at Nuremburg had they had to face that tribunal, was implicit in the first slave ship and the first massacre of indigenous people, and in the blasphemous assertions that these among countless later atrocities were somehow divinely mandated and blessed. In the U.S., to so many, God is America–and so it follows that America can do no wrong and, as has been pointed out elsewhere, presidents are accorded a far greater degree of infallibility, and most egregiously so by the MSM who ought to know better, than that attributed by Catholics and Catholicism itself to the papacy. The violence and the wars and the national pride in them, on account of which the country has reached its current imperial heights, signals certain impending catastrophe. Trump is, in a sense very inverted from the song of that name, a most strange fruit, but one to be expected from a tree nurtured and fed from seedling to now with the blood of so many.



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Yes! It is not enough to do a quick impeachment on a narrow charge of Trump. This needs to be a thorough and transparent investigation. Even this one charge implicates more than Trump (Pence, Barr, Pomeo, etc.) and they all need to go.


If the House votes for impeachment and the Senate doesn’t? Hmmm, maybe someone will lock the Senators inside and set off the world’s biggest stink bomb. Not that this would change anything , as so many politicians vote only for their own self interest, but it might be nice to have a really strong smell linger for a long while to remind people that a functioning Congress does matter, and that WE the People means everyone—not just the elected!

If only there was some way to impeach Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party.

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Pelosi said impeachment of Bush for lying the US into war with Iraq was ‘off the table’, it would be ‘a waste of time’.

With a few exceptions, most of the first 16 postings for this absolutely important piece by Robert Koehler seem to miss his point --that our entire Trump conundrum reveals our nation and culture to be diseased, not by Trump, but because we as a people are.
Because our political system, economics system, and culture itself are diseased, we chose, and tolerate vile beings to lead us.

Democracy continues to fail us. It’s worse each election cycle. (Thank you Shantiananda, and for the warning Mr. Franklin.)

This nation desperately needs a national conversation to unveil where we have lost large pieces of our democracy. We might begin by scrutinizing the roll of such entities as:

  • The two-party system, controlled overwhelmingly by two corporate entities to which our state governments have ceded the power to run our elections.
  • The effect of money on the concept of one citizen-one vote, including who indeed may vote.
  • The place of capitalism, an unsustainable “continuous growth economy” in a limited resources Earth ecosystem, and our consumer culture in our quality of life.
  • The impact of
  • The role of the U.S. military, continuous warfare and our cultural sense of humanity
  • Corporate media, the importance of an informed citizenry, and the necessary education to overcome the authoritarian personality disorder that has us yield power outside ourselves (making us easy victims of authoritarian leaders, propaganda, cults, and conspiracy theories).

Also consider these:

The SlowCoup

  1. Small-state bias in the Senate…
  2. …in the House
  3. …in the Electoral College
  4. Fear of the Other
  5. Post-1964 reorganized right
  6. Propaganda/lobbying network alphabet soup
  7. Gerrymandering
  8. Voter suppression
  9. Intimidation and containment
  10. Census manipulation
  11. The corporate duopoly party and its
    11.a. Lesser Evil Gambit
    11.b. Collaboration to prevent 3rd parties and progressive candidates and messages
  12. Six major conservatizing institutions
  13. Interchangeability of money and power in our society
  14. Empowerment of rent-seeking monopolistic corporations and industries
  15. Pervasiveness and profitability of fossil fuels
  16. Domination of media by the wealthy right wing
  17. Domination of politics by the rich and the right
  18. Accumulation of pressure on oligarchy, nature, progressive institutions, and our psyche
  19. Psychoid manipulation
  20. The oligarchy’s overreaction and
  21. Rejection of a progressive future
  22. The illusory comfort of autocracy in emergencies
  23. Psycho-industrial complexes
  24. Civilization’s dysfunction
  25. Koch Constitutional convention

As if the whole Russia-gate fiasco wasn’t damaging enough to this country, now they’ve added Ukraine-gate as insult to injury. This is an assault on the American psyche and is inflicting serious harm on all of us. I detest Trump, but I actually detest the Democrats even more, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before it blows back on the party, the intelligence agencies, and the media, and they will have done it to themselves. It’s just torture for the rest of us to endure as we wait for the implosion.

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