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Impeaching Trump Is Only the Beginning

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/impeaching-trump-only-beginning

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And after that O’Bummer holdovers – including P’Loser – and then holdovers from the Lying Son-of-a-Bush, and then from Clinton . . .   Then hopefully in 2024 we can get rid of holdovers from Biden-Harris, and eventually there will be no korporate stooges left anywhere.   Right.

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That’s ANY Official — Whether Elected or Not . . .

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Hey, Hauser, are you also lobbying for an end to the corporate-military stranglehold on the federal government? Are you demanding an end to the U. S. government’s reign of terror over the rest of the world? Do you really trust the Democrats to do anything different, even if Trump is launched to Saturn? From what I just read in your article, you are at best, an appeasing apologist for more corporatism and more fascist repression by the devious Dems. Are you forgetting that over the past several decades that Congress, often with a Democratic majority, has continually supported global militarization, illegal and deadly interventions and coups, the murders of hundreds of thousands through illegal sanctions, the continued de-stabilitization of the Middle East by supporting warfare throughout the region, and the ongoing, steady-state genocide of the Israeli government, as well as approving domestically repressive legislation and greater ever proportions of the federal budget allocated to death and destruction? With “allies” like you and Democrats, who needs Trump as an enemy! F-YOU!


Excellent response. Thank you!

Aha so the purges will do the trick. These obituaries of Trump and his fascist backers are going to look very weird in a year.

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You could make a 14th Amendment argument for removing many Trump-circle people from their offices. Anyone who has taken an oath to defend the Constitution, who has participated in insurrection or rebellion.

Of course it was written to deal with people who had supported the insurrection and rebellion of the Confederacy. But the language is general, and should be applied to Trump’s long-running campaign of lies and chaos to overturn electoral processes and install himself permanently in the White House, leading up to this month’s events at the Capitol.

Every elected or appointed official who in their official role supported Trump’s campaign should be removed from office and barred forever from serving again.

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No, but let’s ready the rocket anyway.

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You forgot Raygun holdovers, insiduous deep state trolls under the DC bridges.

No, I didn’t forget them, I just figured that by now they’re not worth worrying about.  BTW, are there any still alive?

Reagan’s second term ended 33 years ago, so there ought to be a number still alive, though possibly none presently serving in any office. i seem to recall Elliot Abrams was around not so long ago, in some official skullduggery.

Gee, I’ll even help pay for the gas.

Bet we could raise several billion dollars on a GoFundMe…

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William Barr, springs readily to mind, but he wasn’t the lone Raygun-ite contamination, but it seems like forever since the early days of Trump (was that really just four years ago!?), so I’d have to go back and search to find a complete list of Ronnie to Donnie recycles.

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Yes, in every currency.

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It is not time to snuggle up under the Pollyanna tree and sing kumbaya. It is time to determine how we got to this point in time over the last few decades.

We need to determine how the over running of our Capitol could happen with all the intelligence known regarding the plans of the insurrection. .

We need to determine how a president of Trump mentality could be elected and go unchecked to the point of insurrection.

We need to determine the role of the media and if we need to return the fairness doctrine to main stream media including cable,

We need to determine how lying to the public by politicians from both parties is allowed. Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.

We need to determine the role of online platforms like Facebook and Twitter in politics and how best to deal with them.

We need to review the role of the Federal Reserve in the inequality of America’s economics and national debt, it also needs to be independently audited on a regular basis.

We need to review the political structure and operational methods and tools of our political parties. Like super delegates.

We need to review the mechanisms of the house and senate. Riders, pay go, filibusters, insider trading. We need to stop the reality that politician think first of the next election instead of the next generation.

We need to re-think the imperial presidency and our role as an empire.

The Supreme Court must not be allowed to legislate. Corporations are not people.

We need to determine the effect of insane amounts of monies allowed in politics and the whole lobbying process.

We need to determine why there is such an inequality in the justice system.

We need an independent audit of the pentagon on a regularly bases.

We need to determine the cause of homelessness and how to deal with it other than just move the homeless from location to location.

The America health system needs to be fixed.

There are many more aspects of our society that needs to be reviewed these are just a few.

The overriding question is why are all these issues ignored by the senate and house, are they to busy doing the work of the power elite. Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power. Money is not the problem, how it is used is the problem. The defining feature of human beings and society is co-operation not selfishness. Cdtyuio12879000

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Seeing that a majority of House Republicans voted to not impeach him, that would make most of that party as inimical to U.S. democracy as DT himself.