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Impeachment as Political Strategy


Impeachment as Political Strategy

Jeffrey C. Isaac

The argument about impeachment continues, as it should.


But the present leadership of the Democratic Party is far less interested in democracy than you are, Mr. Isaac. It is not their driving force. It is not why they are in politics. It is not what they work on, and “we the people” are not who they work for.

And they have repeatedly made crystal clear that they would rather have Trump, than have genuinely working democracy, because genuinely working democracy would remove them from their lucrative positions as the present leadership of the Democratic Party.

So they will be incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, as you propose. Is that not clear to you from the past two years of Russiagate, and the transparent top-level party machinations to undermine the Sanders candidacy?


Revealing for the world to see, that Trump and the Republicans have absolutely no respect for the Rule of Law or any respect for the masses, must be the only political strategy used.

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Well, I’m not too sure about that " undermining the Sanders ", strategy. Could the only reason; well then, wow.
How about deflection, as a strategy, from the Clintonistas/OhBummers many failures in 2016, and before?
Or, foreign policy disagreements and military strategy deflections, for the numerous inconsistencies from Mueller. Assange offering to be interviewed by the DOJ/Mueller Team on the DNC/Podesta e-mails? " Crickets ", there. Binney’s interview with Jimmy Dore on the downloads vs. hacks? " Crickets " there, too.
It could be more Assange drops of other materials? I get the comment and more shoes could drop, as well? Expect to learn more as Trump & " Russiagate " slog on.
BTW- There are over a dozen different U.S. Corporate Hoteliers operating in Russia. Why did Trump have such a hard time, or what did the others do, to operate there?

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Two separate things: Russiagate; Undermining Sanders.


Two, or more things, can be true about these despicable shenanigans. Absolutely.

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Impeachment is indeed political, but somehow Jeff manages to miss its most important political benefit: The chance to steal the limelight from Trump. To do that, however, would mean the public hearings would have to be led not by one of the amazingly stodgy members of the democratic leadership, but by someone passionate who can think fast on their feet and tell it like it is in real time. AOC, for example, although any female with the requisite qualifications would do. The goal is to make Mr. Trump’s treachery (and I’m not talking about Russia-gate here) explicit on prime time TV every day between now and the debates, which are then guaranteed to be about exactly that. Having a woman lead the show will ensure that this is more than Trump can stand for, so that he goes full-tilt batshit crazy even by today’s high standards. If this is done well enough, even the present Senate might then convict him, though I’m not in favor of that unless Pence goes too. Hey baby but that’s how real POLITICS should be done, and even though Trump understands this in his gut, you have to fight fire with fire! Though it does help to have the facts on your side.


Right On!!  I’ve obviously changed my mind from thinking impeachment would be a waste of time, or even beneficial to Tweetle-Dumb, to seeing the potential value.  Bring a Bill of Impeachment early next year, and force all 22 of the 'Poop-Licken senators who will be up for re-election in November to publicly choose between voting for (what little remains of) “our” Democracy or voting for outright Dictatorship.  If enough of them have a conscience we’re rid of Trump by March or April, and if not then we’ll get rid of him – and most of them – in November.

IMHO, Pence couldn’t do any more harm than Tweetle-Dumb in the six or eight months between an impeachment and the following inauguration, and it’s EXTREMELY unlikely that enough of the fanat-
ical base would swing to dull-as-dishwater Pence to get him re-elected.   And even if Pence pardons
the entire Drümpf Crime Family for their Federal offenses, they have committed more than enough un-pardonable crimes in the State of New York to keep them all in jail awaiting trial – and then in prison – for many, many years.

(Meanwhile, help attack Tweetle-Dumb from behind by supporting Bill Weld in his campaign for the Republican nomination — “WELD AMERICA TOGETHER AGAIN!!” )


There are any number of compelling reasons to impeach both Trump and Pence, but the one that strikes me is that to not impeach would be an abdication of every principle that keeps this country from instantly descending into iron fascism. To refuse to impeach the most obviously mentally ill president in US history, who’s clearly a danger to the US and the world, would teach a perfect civics lesson to all future generation (If we don’t impeach and remove them, we’re unlikely to have more than one more generation):. The lesson is: money and lies buy everything.


Sounds very reasonable and saying the same things as “they should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time”. Trump is a master of manipulation and republicons have manipulated their base for 40 years which has hardwired peoples brains. However, they are the minority but somehow republicons have been able to cheat, corrupt and lie their way to empowerment? How? No fricking accountability of the media, politicians, and robber barons. Oh Martha Stewart went to jail.