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Impeachment Effort May Fail in Brazilian Senate


Impeachment Effort May Fail in Brazilian Senate

Mark Weisbrot

Some press reports on the crisis in Brazil seem to imply that the removal of President Dilma Rousseff, re-elected in 2014 for a four-year term, is a done deal. Of course the interim government is acting as though they are the product of some huge electoral victory, even though the elected president is merely suspended pending her upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.


Hopefully this sham will fail.


Thanks for the coverage, Mr. Weisbrot.

I find it interesting that this internal coup (by rich white male interests) took aim at Dilma Rousseff in a moment that parallels attempts to get Corbyn out of any position of influence in U.K., amid continued efforts to kneecap leadership in Greece from making any strides that might effectively challenge the interests of Europe's Central Bankers; and that Sanders was largely forced to diffuse his agenda into that of the Orthodox Democratic Party.

Power sees the regions of the world starting to stir most against its naked oppression... its 3 most effective instruments being the new "trade pacts" (TIPP and TPP), the mass media telling its version of events, and the armed forces prepared to turn on citizens if they are officially defined as terrorists of one species or another (like Eco-terrorists).

Glad to see that the elites haven't won on all fronts... yet. While blow-back amid the great masses stirs and begins to swell.


Good news. Now Dilma, please govern as a grass roots President.