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Impeachment Experts Argue Democrats Should Let Hunter Biden Testify in Exchange for John Bolton

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/30/impeachment-experts-argue-democrats-should-let-hunter-biden-testify-exchange-john

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John Bolton “might” have answers.

Pigs “might” fly if we genetically bred them with wings.

Bolton just “might” be the hand grenade that has been planted to blow us all up.


I don’t see how having Biden testifying could possibly look good for Biden, and saying that it would then not be possible to make it a general election issue is absurd. The Democrats don’t have to nominate someone as corrupt as Biden. All the Republicans have to do is establish that Biden is corrupt. He is. So, what could be a huge advantage for the Democrats now is basically nullified. Most Americans will see two politicians that are corrupt and have family members that are cashing in on their access to power. How does that go away if Biden testifies? It is ridiculous, it shouldn’t in fact go away. If Trump and Biden are corrupt, that should be front and center. Look how utterly horrible this political system, the media and these two parties are that these are our options when we have such massive societal issues. Doubly when there were clearly better options in the Democratic primary. The Democrats will not only lose legitimacy as a party if they pick Biden, their voters will also look bad. THIS is the best your party offers? Could you imagine how utterly horrible a Biden vs Trump debate would be?


Pelosi took Impeachment off the table for War Crimes and Torture but found it imperative to Impeach in the middle of the General Election, to protect Biden, I say lets hear from Hunter let the chips fall at Pelosi’s feet.


“having [Hunter Biden] appear as a witness could expose the fatuity of the Republicans’ efforts to smear him and his father.”

Here we go again with the word smear. Someone covered in the excrement he’s been rolling around in, needs no smearing to make him smell bad.
Uncovering corruption, is not “smearing,” it is pulling back the curtain.


It might be, PonyBoy, that Bolton is so enraged at trumps ignorance, malfeasance, and stupidity, as well as having fired him, that he has no love or respect for the orange chancre, and will testify truthfully - whatever his truth is - clearly Bolton’s record of extremism and warmongering is relatively transparent, while trumps status as proven pathological liar is clear to all with eyes to see…

As to the Biden-Bolton swap, there may be more upside than down. I have little to minus zerorespect for Credit Card Joe, or Hunterand it seems obvious he was in The Ukraine to secure and profit-from his connection and who knows whar else. The damage to Jow will be large as well and likely end his candidacy, probably benefitting Bernie. What’s the down side?


Perhaps you are right, I am very cautious about the intent of any Republican who’s been a party to this corrupt administration.

I have trust issues after three years of nonstop willful ignorance to the common good.

Boy-Howdy! So do I PB, in spades! It might be as I speculate as there seems to be no love lost by Bolton re the orange chancre. We will perhaps - hopefully - see! Keep the faith!
Bernie ALL the way!

Hunter has admitted that he wouldn’t have gotten the Burisma job if he wasn’t a Biden.

So unless the Repubs have concrete evidence that he committed an actual crime what are they going to do, spend hours decrying nepotism? In defense of the guy whose daughter and son-in-law have prominent roles in his administration? Whose lawyer’s son, Andrew Giuliani, works for the White House?

I mean, damn, if a sidelight of this trial turns out to be a discussion of trading on names to advance careers, it could get entertaining.



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It is the same problem people like Pelosi had to confront when drawing up the articles of impeachment and didn’t include anything regarding the Emoluments Clause. How can she or those like her lead the charge against corruption when she is corrupt? What this would do is simply show how rotten Trump and Biden are, so are their families. People seem to miss that Biden being connected to this opens a can of worms, and look how Biden responds when confronted. His responses might be even worse than his record and corruption. Bernie can refrain from calling Biden corrupt because of Teachout’s article, and the media can ignore the matter too, but the Republicans will not. Biden’s atrocious record has only been mildly criticized within the dominant media and by other candidates, but it makes him a horrible general election candidate. The Democratic primaries really are collective madness. They are irrational, corrupt, fundamentally undemocratic and do not provide a good space to really debate things in an honest and logical way. It is a huge reason why their candidates suck and most of the Democrats in power are so worthless. Those that win are often right wing, massively outspend their opponents to the left and have the party machine throw their weight behind corrupt candidates. You know why? If people could choose their own candidates in free and open elections, on a level playing field, those rigging the process could never get enough support to maintain their power. They’re corrupt worthless losers and people don’t like them.


I mostly agree across the board.

Except for the part where lots of the Democratic rank-and-file voters really are pretty much conservative. That explains the civil war in that incoherent mess of a party.

There might be a difference, sure.

Except in this case, Jared Kushner pretty much works for Israel.
And their Prime minister was just indicted.

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That would be great, actually. Hunter Biden isn’t unusual at all. George W. Bush wouldn’t have become president if not for his name. Trump wouldn’t have gotten into real estate and become president if not for his father. Ivanka wouldn’t have gotten Chinese trade marks if not for where her father is sitting. Most sitting Senators probably have children who have benefitted in some way from their name. Let’s not kid ourselves, Bernie Sanders’s son makes six figures and a big reason why he does is because of who his father is.

The reality is lots of people in Washington, and many people living in the real world, understand names can help. It’s, rightly or wrongly, part of life and always has been. The difference is whether or not an office holder, someone in public trust, traded a service for the benefit of a family member or themselves. Trump certainly seems to fit that bill.

Except in this case, Hunter is a particularly bad apple. Drug use leading to a dishonorable discharge. Stripper baby mama who he’s not paying child support to. Taking up with his brother’s widow.

And Obama Administration officials made the effort to tell Uncle Joe that Hunter taking the Burisma job was a particularly bad optics.

Particulars matter, case by case. So no, Biden’s bad judgement will be on display.

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Well, on policy they are not conservative, but they are often in regards to being risk averse, especially older voters. There is a huge difference between older and younger voters on ideology, strategy and policy. Objectively, the older voters have voted us into the abyss, so many of them seem to have bought into Biden having the best chance to win. I think that is lunacy, and really destructive, but the average age of an MSNBC and CNN viewer is older, and when that is where you have gotten information from for decades, Biden may look like the safest bet. Statistically, they are also much more wealthy than younger voters too.

Look at South Carolina, where Biden has a lot of support from older black voters. Poll just came out showing massive support for single payer among older black voters. So, is that group supporting Biden because they are conservative? Yes and no. Yes in regards to being risk averse as they think he stands the best chance of beating Trump (which is not at all clear), no in regards to many policies. And that is why the only thing Biden really focuses on is his “electability”, which I think is absurd. Bernie already does well versus Trump, and we haven’t really critically analyzed Biden’s troubling record and corruption. I don’t think his polls will hold up very long once that is the area of focus. Look how bad he looks as is on Iraq and Social Security, and that is really the tip of the iceberg with him.


And this is not at all the only instance regarding Biden and his family. Far from it. Even if this could be defended, is there not many other examples of him and family members being corrupt? Many articles have been written about this and there is even that Tom Brokaw interview where he even pointed out obvious problems. Again, this isn’t just about Hunter Biden and this particular situation, it is a very small piece of a much larger problem with Biden, and Biden cannot continue to try to lie himself out having to face his atrocious record and corruption.


Again, I mostly agree across the board.

But the risk averse probably have some right to fear a Bernie nomination. Trump’s team certainly views Bernie as easy to beat in the general because he’ll be easy to portray as an out of the mainstream socialist. Trump’s nickname for sanders is “Crazy Bernie.”

Now personally, I see Bernie’s outsider status as an asset. Not only that, but I absolutely believe he’s the only Dem who can beat Trump. Nonetheless, well-intentioned “incrementalist/pragmatist” types like our friend KC, for whom it’ll always be 1972 or 1984, are only too eager to sow doubts based on that risk aversion.

Or that risk aversion coupled with just plain being conservative.

A Biden versus Trump match up will undoubtedly generate cynicism in the electorate, which it should.

A repeat of 2016.
Lower turn out.
A win for Trump.

Bernie’s outreach toward disengaged (non) voters and increasing turn out among the young is a smart strategy. But let’s face it, when you’ve got Hillary’s PUMAs, big money donors, and the DNC machine loaded against you, you’ve got big challenges. As I said before, Bernie will need to show he’s got the spine to fight back these status quo forces. Voters want a fighter.


Amen to that Emphyrio. Power to the People!

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