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'Impeachment? For That?' Trump Describes Blatant Violations as 'Perfect' Conversation in Rambling, Falsehood-Laden Press Conference

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/25/impeachment-trump-describes-blatant-violations-perfect-conversation-rambling

As usual, quite a bit more indepth coverage and information here:



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" I didn’t do it ". Trump is such a liar that never admits he has done wrong. The man is so insane, that one has to wonder how long before Trump says: " I DIDN’T DO IT…THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! "


Would this let Biden off the hook re; rumors of checks and fracking goals in Ukraine?

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I actually heard Ron Paul say on his podcast (keeping aware of the others) that the best place to get real coverage of the Ukraine and Iran situation is on RT. I’m more of a Sputnik man myself but it was surprising to hear that recommendation coming from him.


How does anyone know that Trump was trying to get the Ukrainian President to dig up dirt on his leading opponent in 2020? He could just as easily - as chief investigative officer of the US - been asking for evidence about Joe Biden (in March 2016) getting a pro-Russian prosecutor general Shokin (a holdover from the old regime) fired. This would not have been helpful to son Hunter Biden, who presumably was corrupt because Burisma Holdings was pro-Russian as well, and Shokin had allegedly been soft on corruption (money laundering in Burisma’s case). It would have been better for Hunter if Shokin remained. The replacement prosecutor would have been harsher on Hunter than Shokin would have been.

Joe Biden was more likely, however, to have been simply advancing the policy interests of the US at the time: everybody in “the West”, especially the pro-Ukrainian Atlantic Council (including Alperovitch of Crowdstrike fame) wanted Shokin out. They wanted all Russian influences out. The entire pro-Ukraine process is what got Trump caught up in the collusion dud of Mueller, and Trump is apparently digging for crimes tied to Ukraine - such as Crowdstrike’s malfeasance within their technical reports about Russian hacking of their artillery control software - and anything Alperovitch might have done in Ukraine (or in the US for that matter - at the DNC and Clinton campaign) to assist the new, fascist government there. Is Trump trying to get dirt showing Joe helped his son escape prosecution for corruption? Very, very doubtful. He’s looking for investigative information about how US national interests got detoured to the pro-Ukrainian side in this serious escalation of conflict with Russia.

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Ron Paul appears fairly regularly on several different RT programs.

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Tulsi Gabbard is not impressed:

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It has been a tumult day. It is now 9 pm eastern scoundrel time.
Channel surfing thru the cable opinion stations = reporters interviewing other reporters.
At 7 pm, one station flashed ‘breaking news’ and repeated a story from 11 am. lie!!!
Suggest that I am not going to be in the know until Julie Pace at Associated Press summarizes in a couple days. Another common dream story posted today wants to add more charges to the inquiry. Not sure, but this will extend the investigation weeks and give Trump and his defenders maneuver room as they respond strongly and wrongly to more mortal sins.

Congress October recess will not be cancelled. The dolts should be made to live in tents. bi-partison, 3 meals outdoors. No booze. No cell phones. No staffers. 12 hour shifts.

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This is unlikely to bode well for Frontrunner Joe™, even if he and his son are absolved of any illegality vis a vis the coup and subsequent cushy board membership. He’s going to have to be answering questions about this while trying to stick to campaign slogans without stuffing his foot in his mouth (already a notable weakness). And it’s likely to go on for months, if not for the duration of the campaign.
I’m with those posters here who believe Biden will implode well before next summer’s convention. Carrying this cloud around everywhere he goes certainly isn’t going to help.


Counterpunch & Consortium News has interesting articles about this Ukrainian fiasco, too. John Kerry’s relative was mentioned in one, as well. Sat on the same board as Biden & Co. Whatever!
What didn’t we know about Trump from 40 yrs ago, that we didn’t know in 2015, as well?
The plutocrats fight for fracking and other natural resources; land grabs and Ukrainian treasures, oh my! Shocking; like CNN’s Breaking News- Wow. Every 1/2 hour it seems.
Same old shit, same old Uniparty intrigues, different Presidential Adms. Again, whatever
The MSM’s next Three Penny Opera brought to you the makers of ________? And, they’re now worried about running Trump’s appearance now in real time.
" Hit me in the eye, maybe I can see better "



That, is what a man shitting his pants looks like.


A babbling incoherent performance. Anyone swayed by that display of ineptitude needs their head examined.


66+ million adult head examinations? We’re definitely going to need M4A now.


I think ByeDone’s biggest problem in this will be having to answer questions about how a dishonorably discharged kid, whose previous company was dissolved because of lawsuits filed against it, lands a $600,000/year board membership on the payroll of a Ukrainian gas company.

That said, multiple Ukrainian prosecutors have examined Burisma and presumably Hunter ByeDone. They haven’t seen a reason to bring charges. Zelensky told Trump he would pursue the matter on the phone call in question, but it looks like a matter of stringing Trump along. At any rate, Zelensky got the aid money, so things worked out for him.

And Joe ByeDone’s pressure to fire the patently corrupt Viktor Shokin was a bi-partisan effort and supported by reformers in the Ukraine. Furthermore, Shokin, despite claims by Trump and Rudy, had not been working hard on an investigation of Burisma, quite the contrary, he was sitting on it, as he was with most investigations of oligarchs – that’s why so many wanted him fired: He wasn’t prosecuting anyone. In fact, Joe ByeDone’s efforts to replace Shokin with someone who would actually investigate and prosecute oligarchs would have resulted in increased pressure on Burisma, and by extension, Hunter B.

Again, ByeDone will have the “influence peddling” and “pulling strings for my fuck up son” matters to deal with. Of course, most of us have secured employment and deals through our connections – I know I have. Still, the two candidates running specifically on rooting out corruption, Sanders and Warren, have ammo to fire at Uncle Joe – Hunter clearly didn’t get the Burisma job based on his track record.

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Yes - I think this is all pretty good news for Warren and Sanders as Biden will definitely be hurt by it all (I predict he will be in third place by the end of the year). I know you have been predicting Biden’s eventual collapse for some time - and this is the most likely trigger for that. His son’s earlier lobbying career and his drug addiction during this Ukraine period of time will also play a role and I don’t think Biden will want his family’s dirty laundry dragged through the media - so I’d say a slow bleed through the end of the year and then leaving the race early next year is a strong possibility.


Which leads me to relate this story from less than an hour ago:

At a local shop, I was discussing this impeachment issue with the store owner, a “blue no matter who” centrist. When I mentioned the potential for this situation to redound negatively on Byedone’s behalf, specifically because Hunter B got his lucrative position because of who his father is, she replied that Hunter ByeDone had not gotten his job through nepotism.

I then posed this question directly: “So you believe that if Hunter’s last name was McNowun, he would still have gotten the job?”

Without blinking, she said “Yes.”

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Trump is a perfect example of a guy who doesn’t understand his job. In private industry, he would have been removed long ago.

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“most of us have secured employment and deals through our connections” … most of us don’t have those connections. I do know some upper-middle class people that operate that way, but most of the people I associate with do not. Or maybe I just missed the boat.