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Impeachment Heroes: Past, Present, Future

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/01/impeachment-heroes-past-present-future

Mr. Hirsch is much more optimistic about impeachment hero’s than I am. 1973-74 was completely different politically than the situation we find ourselves in today. There were still republicans who believed in the rule of law and our republic at that time, that don’t exist today. There may be defectors from their ranks in an impeachment trial, but if so, it will be for political cover for their careers, not because it’s the right thing for the country. The Kavanaugh hearings proved that.
As far as Barr doing the right thing, for-get-about-it, not going to happen. Barr didn’t join the CIA, he was born into it, he will do whatever his CIA masters want, and I can almost guarantee you, it wont be what’s good for the country, but what’s good for the US corporations.

Cory Gardner is one of my Senators and is a complete twit. If he does vote for impeachment it will be simply because he is afraid of losing his seat. No heroism there. We have a yuuuge divide between city folk and country folk here in Colorado.

I guess. Though the Clinton impeachment seems to me completely relevant, especially when you mash up videos from then (Dems) and now (Repub) literally sound the same. So… a president determines weapons sales- that Obama stopped- on condition of an announcement into corruption charges (of his political opponent). I hate Trump too, but this is silly. No if you mentioned kids in cages, Yemen, or the INF treaty… well then you can take the high-ground, otherwise it looks like partisan posturing. Yet, when I say this, people call me evil. Censure is the best option, but Dems painted themselves in a corner. This is NOT the election issue anyone but lathering rage-ers cares about.