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Impeachment Is Designed for Presidents Like Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/07/impeachment-designed-presidents-trump

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"It’s Time To Act."


From the article:

“But impeachment should not be evaluated along electoral lines alone. It should be viewed at as an end in itself…”

If nothing else, it would be a civics lesson in real time, for a nation that seems to have forgotten everything it was taught in high school; if successful, it would be a cautionary note to future would-be despots, grifters and frauds.


Amen Bill, great article.

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But, but !!
Bill missed the Real Big Ostrich in DC.

Trump taking millions of dollars from Russians.
If he made new loans, re-financed, or accepted
‘gifts’ from any Russians or Russian connected
agents after announcing his run for president.
THEN - Impeach the twerp.

And every word spoken inside his office has been collected.

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Still caught up in the Russian whirlpool are we? It’s possible, but a lot of that happened long before he stepped into the WH according to his biographer. Blum has assembled plenty on his list to keep congress busy.

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'Say it ain’t so, Joe! ’
No one would loan Trump money.
Deutsche bank is nominated as one who did.
His son-in-law borrowed 500 million dollars
within the past three months. I laugh and admit
that this guy learned our Chicago ‘pay to play’
quite well.
Strzok, McCabe, Comey etc. poisoned the well as
far as FBI investigation results of Trump can be used.
I am Not sure representative Nadar can gain an impeachment vote within five weeks
from today, August 7th.

Blum did a good job of outlining the case for impeachment, but he gives Pelosi and the other Democrat obstructionists too much of a pass when he credits their reluctance to even begin impeachment hearings on merely electoral concerns.

Simply put, it’s as likely that Pelosi does not want to come off as being too radical with the big money corporate donors that are the financial backbone of the party, not to mention an impeachment would harden the Republicans and make it more difficult for her and Schumer to play their work across the aisle game with Trump and McConnell. In short, if Pelosi moves for impeachment, she’d be pushing the party in the direction an actual resistance party with real teeth and that would be one hell of a lot more work. Neither she nor Schumer have the stomach for it.


Thanks for writing this piece of work. Lots of truth that matters here.
Do you prefer President Pence?
Pence is a long-term Koch asset, a Christian Nationalist who wants to cause Armageddon in the MidEast and a theocracy for the US, so Christ can return to rule His Kingdom.
Do you still prefer him to Trump?
Trump’s just a mean old turd who never got loved and has never loved anyone. Grabbing them by the pussy is all the foreplay tactics he knows. He has also done all the Kochs expected for funding the last part of Trump/Pence 2016. There’s a bunch of Koch assets in the White House besides Pence.

Fred Koch, father of this generation of Koch’s, co-founded the John Birch Society, whose beliefs (acceptance before proof) are ascendant now.

The Viet Nam War was for control of Viet Nam’s oil, tin, and rubber. “The Pentagon Papers” said it.

One of the Koch’s businesses trades stocks and commodities, another has $100 Billion invested in Canadian Tar Sands. That’s why Keystone XL is approved again. Another is paper mills - Georgia Pacific - one plant in Crosset, AR is a cancer cluster.

Right now, they and their cronies own the Executive Branch, including Trump.

Two recent books are now key to understanding what’s going on with these guys and their plans for the future of this planet: “One Nation Under God,” by Kevin Kruse, tells how the Right got evangelicals to work the Right Wing trenches, and “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean, which tells us how John C. Calhoun, from his grave, now controls the US. These are two scholastic historians, Kruse at Princeton, MacLean at Duke, and they can’t lie and keep their positions. They can’t tell too much more about what they know and stay in the US, where they can’t be protected from the Right.

A big piece in the middle of this mess is militarism. The military trains militia members - and officers.

Democracy won’t be around much longer, at this rate. That’s part of it. The Right loves democracy less than zero.

Does any effective force intend to stop the Right?

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Impeachment is too good for Trump; it requires respect for the protocols of the Constitution and governance (of which Trump has zero), not to mention the huge amount of time and money it will take. Instead, revoke his citizenship.

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Trump will not be impeached, but the distraction for his administration and exposure of his crimes in office could be very valuable for the future.


So congress shouldn’t do it’s constitutional duty because of who’s next in line? How’s that going to play out in the history books? Besides looking at the situation from a political standpoint, Pence will much easier to defeat in 2020 with the gop’s tail tucked between it’s legs, than Trump with no exposure at all.



I sincerely hope that you are wrong about Trump not being impeached.

If the Democrats reward his lawlessness by not impeaching him, lawlessness in general will soar. Not only by public officials, but in the general population as well.

Gun sales will also soar out of the fear generated by the increase in crime.

Anything is possible with these two money corrupted political parties involved.

In this case, Money Talks, and our Failing Democracy Walks. No, Runs. Towards Fascism.

And, it’s already got a head start.

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I agree, and worded my post wrong. It should read Trump will not be removed. It is possible articles of impeachment could be forwarded to the Senate, but I would be shocked if he were removed by that body. This by no means this is what I’m hoping for, just reality, with the situation we have now.

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Recon and Pony,
Please be on the lookout for a story from associated press over the next three days regarding real deep cover ups within DC and NYC, both parties. & ’both candidates"

“Don’t get mad, get even”.
This tattoo indicates the slugfest continues at least for the rest of my lifetime.
The only corrective action I can offer is: elect good people - at every gov’t level.

Reality is subject to change. And we definitely need real change.