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Impeachment Must Be More Than Impeachment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/09/impeachment-must-be-more-impeachment

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"Adam Schiff is the most reasonable, responsible, judicious, and efficient Congressperson imaginable to spearhead the public phase of impeachment. "

Adam Schiff is one of the most corrupt polticians we have. He is totally beholded to the MIC and National Security State as Pelosi is. This writer has bought the partisan Kool Aid. The problem with Trump per the Democrats and the CIA is not his corruption, but rather that he has a loose tongue and is not on the same page when it comes to the imperial ambitions of the Deep State.


Also. I want to know hiw Rudy Giulani’s gangster buddies Parnas et al fit into this picture. Where did they get the $675k+ illegally donated to Trump’s PAC and GOP campaigns last year? What is Bill Barr doing, meeting with a mob boss like Firtash? Lotta money flowing around, big legal retainers, private jets etc… It is all intertwined somehow with the quid pro quo… how it fits into the corruption at the core of this administration has not yet been publically explained.


As long as the US has two systems of educating the public with a corporate media and right-wing Trumper propaganda system the law is limited. There must be a way to use “facts” that even those with little education can accept and process. All who supported Trump’s crimes can be tried for the crime too.
Bemg white will not guarantee always going to the head of the line. Being a flunky of Putin or the Saudi’s does not guarantee the ability to fix elections. Begin with the basics and rebuilt what has been destroyed.

Agree. Impeachment must be wrapped up in an ongoing, powerful narrative. A deliberate, persuasive, condemnation that rattles the public and awakens them to the magnitude of T’s malfeasance. Another thing: Pelosi is so toxic to everyone that she should have no public role. Any comment offered by that back stabbing power monger will backfire, will be lost upon those voters who need to be persuaded. Since she herself is corrupt, perhaps she should just recuse herself. Ah…but then who remains who is honest enough to legitimately bell the cat?

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I’d like to think the author was pro forma re that praise. That he was setting us up for an “even though he is etc.”, nevertheless, that is not enough. Acceptable as a rhetorical device, but not to be mistaken as a final judgment on Schifty’s fitness overall.

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As a companion piece to this, see: The Real Constitutional Crisis: The Constitution - CounterPunch.org


Right On!   Use Tweetle-Dumb’s thousands of obvious lies and hundreds of violations of the Emolu­ments Clause to show his total lack of character and that NOTHING that he says in his own defense can be believed.  It’s NOT just the “Ukraine Scandal” subset of his ties to Putin, it’s his complete and utter unfitness to be President that MUST be demonstrated.

OTOH, don’t get too ambitious in an effort to clean up everything in one fell swoop, or you will get the swell foop of failing to remove Tweetle-Dumb and to lock him up incommunicado at least through the 2020 elections.  IF/When the worst of the 'PoopLickins in the Senate have been replaced, then – and only then – should the investigations and impeachments of Barr & Kavanaugh et al be undertaken.

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Something more huh?

How about, after the undenyingly, inevitable Impeachment, we jettison DJT into Deep Space, never again to ever meet another single human being.

Well, subhuman being.


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Yes, the “Democratic” misleaders have really boxed themselves into a corner here.


Impeachment must also be tied to Trump’s, Pence’s, and the rest of the Republican leaders’ treasonous failure to act to avoid climate catastrophe.

Trump is quite obviously mentally ill and completely incompetent to lead even a small country, a corporation, or a flock of ducks. (I’d worry about him mistreating them for pleasure.) If that’s not at least the 2nd most important item in a process to remove him from power we don’t deserve to be a country, and should be broken up like a corrupt, abusive monopoly.


Then you are looking at trying to prosecute roughly a third (or more) of the voters in this nation who are fine with crimes as long as they get the angst they want from the rest of the nation no matter how much discomfort the policies actually cause them personally. To these people its all about burning the system to the ground, not building anything that benefits anyone.


Isaac sez:
“There is a way to do this right, perhaps. … It requires the savvy use of all media to expose Trump’s abuses and lies and to make the case against him.” (Emphasis added)

That will be a fine trick, indeed, overcoming the “media’s” tendency to mute fact and amplify carnival-barker tweets — the more outrageous the better! — in its never-ending quest for reality-show ratings and false-equivalence legitimacy.

I had to stifle my gag reflex throughout most of the article, but when I reached the sentence you site. I really did vomit. Does this guy work for David Brock? Guy has Pelosi walking on water with an ethereal glow surrounding her and fricken Schiffty is as MIC as Tom Cotton.
Let’s waste money and time on another dead end investigation that they have no intention of actually carrying through.



good writing by Isaac. I do take issue, as do others writing above because Mueller handed the dems the verified evidence and the dummy dems muffed it! Trying to bring all that back before the public within the next six weeks of public hearings and selling Americans the truth is not likely.

““Mueller failed to present this powerfully, and the Democrats failed to frame this effectively,””

To repeat myself = Mueller handed congress the loaded gun to unTrump. And nancy strategy left the world in bad shape for trade, peace. Schiff is damaged goods. Republicans are gonna chew him up.

I think you underestimate how little the low information voters (like my brother, the cop) even know about climate change.

Let me clarify: they do NOT know about climate change enough to give a shit about it. Should they? Absolutely! But as a way to “change hearts and minds” (my words, not yours) sadly, it’s a non-starter. And I’m a raging environmentalist, myself.