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Impeachment Will Be on the Table in 2019


Impeachment Will Be on the Table in 2019

John Nichols

Congresswoman Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, has for more than a year argued that President Trump needs to be impeached. Initially, Moore’s was something of a voice in the wilderness, as most top Democrats persisted in arguing that the constitutional response to a lawless presidency was “off the table.”

But the president’s many year-end meltdowns, as well as revelations regarding his past wrongdoing, have turned the conversation toward precisely the accountability issues that Moore has been raising.


Impeachment will be on the table & Trump’s head will be there. In 2020, we’ll be able to say "Donald Trump, you’re fired!


I do wonder . . . and this is, to be perfectly clear, just my own musing . . . if anyone contemplating or outright calling for impeachment considers the very real potential for a massive backlash from the segments of our society which actually support Trump, in the event such proceedings go forward, and possibly remove him from office.

Does anyone think they’ll take it lightly . . . just another day in the circus of current affairs?

I have little difficulty imagining open hostilities, based on behaviors and actions at Trump rallies in the past, as well as incidents of brutal aggression, such as that in Charlottesville, VA.

And, as if that weren’t scary enough, we’d wind up with Pence and his fervent belief that we should live in a Christian theocracy.

Civil War II?


Fear of establishing a precedent of vindictive political retaliation may have played a large part in Obama’s refusal to hold Bush/Cheney to account for all of their murders, war crimes and treason perpetrated in this country and around the world. But this failure to do so only emboldened our current POS-POTUS, and permitted the current wall-to-wall criminal enterprise to seize control of the entire government.

Impeachment would consume the entire next two years, and create even more political upheaval, backlash and violence. Implementing the 25th amendment would be more expeditious. The ‘deep state’ and their CIA cohorts may have even more expedient options available to them. To paraphrase Paul Simon, ‘there must be 50 ways to remove this turd from office’.

The new Dem house should remove the $1.? billion in border security funding from the previous budget bill and resubmit it to the senate as their final offer. They should then get down to the full-time business of compiling criminal charges against Trump & Cohorts to make certain that when they leave office - by whatever means - that they spend the rest of their lives in prison. Maybe not as dramatic as China lining up and shooting 90 milk company executives after the melamine scandal of a few years ago, but hopefully enough to make a point.


Once again Nichols surfaces and once again we get another laffer. The Dems will never allow a real impeachment because they are political and moral cowards who will not conduct an actual fight about much of anything.

Trump has been impeachable since Day One, starting with the emoluments clause. He’s committed numerous war crimes, crimes against humanity and constitutional violations since then.

While Tweeting and Whining all the way, the Dems have done nothing.

Take the recent governmental shutdown - which is ravaging poor people and federal workers the most. This is a clear violation of both of office and refusal to carry out the responsibilities of office. Where are the moves for impeachment? Where are the lawsuits? Where are the street demonstrations? Where are the labor unions (supposed Dem "progressive partners)?

All on vacations in luxury places while the nation and biosphere continue to be murdered by capitalist imperialism with Trump at the helm.

The only way Trump gets removed is an unfortunate health event or accident or if the other oligarchs and plutocrats get so upset with his obvious immorality, inhumanity and insanity that they have their puppets in the Kabuki Kabinet, assisted by the Kabuki Kongress, remove him with the 25th Amendment or some such.


Remember the Bundy brigade in Oregon that essentially stole federal land in an armed rebellion (the second one, not the one in Nevada)?

Most of us were rightly pissed with the feds’ approach saying that if they went easy on the treasoners, then the right wing neo-KKK would be emboldened for ever more drastic rebellions until they could do whatever they want, threatening government agents with impunity. I remember living in a gun-crazy state and reading the news about gun nuts’ not-so veiled threats to shoot politicians during town hall meetings.

Which is worse, acting for justice now and dealing with the monsters, or waiting until the monsters get even crazier and more violent at which point it will be ten times harder to do anything right?


I don’t agree simply because it takes 2/3rds of the Senate to convict. I certainly don’t want to see the Dem controlled House (Jan 3) charge him and have the Republican Senate not convict him. We may see a replay of the Clinton impeachment when the Senate failed to convict him and he was more popular than ever. I didn’t like Clinton, but he should have never been charged. This ass hole for sure needs to be impeached, but he will never be convicted unless something comes of the Mueller investigation or worse comes to light involving him.


Dream on!

The 45 regime lusts after violence. Isn’t it obvious by its everyday behaviors?

It shows no sigh of disliking the prospect of civil strife; indeed, its actions suggest it is successfully courting this monster.

Civil strife provides the perfect pretext for consolidating authoritarian control. Demoagogues all over the world have used the exact same playbook this regime has been using since its inception with great success.

What is there to suggest that the regime will not be successful in deploying these same strategies to consolidate control?

And what evidence is there that the elites, regardless of political affiliation, regardless of preferred strategies, are not fundamentally unified in their quest to impose ever-more draconian controls over the population?

I would suggest that there is none.

I would suggest that those dreaming this bid for authoritarian control will be stemmed or stayed—at this late date—via normal political means are engaging in a popular human pastime—wishful thinking.

If you truly believe that ordinary political methods will here suffice to depose a wanna-be dictator, please explain why you believe so. Since this feat has never before been accomplished in modern human history, please explain the extraordinary factors you see as being present here and now that will enable the U.S. to pull off this miracle.


Because we’re an “exceptional nation” of course, doncha know. “We” can do anything we want because "WE’RE NUMBAH ONE!!! OOH-AHH!!!


I think impeachment is a possibility now that the blue wave has occurred. Not only do the Democrats control the House but the Republicans who are in office now realize that Trump is a liability for their re-election and may be willing let him go. In the upcoming presidential campaign Trump probably has little chance of winning the popular vote but because of the electoral college he could still win the presidency. Supposedly it is possible to win the presidency with only 23% of the vote. With the ability of social media to target individuals Trump could again win by focusing on a few swing states. But other Republicans will have to win the popular vote and for them things are looking bad. Trump’s stirring up fears about the caravan and his political use of the military didn’t work and that was not lost on the Republicans. More and more Republicans are now disagreeing with Trump in public. I think a two-thirds majority in the Senate to convict is a real possibility.


Maybe instead of focusing all our effort on impeachment maybe we should put our effort into a progressive Dem candidate or building third parties up in order to wipe out Trump and the GOP in 2020. You impeach Trump and then what? We get Pence and the same GOP administration.


I’d prefer, “Donald TrumPutin, you’re under arrest!”


I’m sure the newly Democratic house will be very busy investigating everything under the sun. Anything to keep their gullible flock from getting upset that their problems are once more not being taken seriously by the people they keep returning to power.


That’s been one of my main concerns about the move to impeach TrumPutin–the legislative mechanics of it, with the Republicans still controlling the Senate and, as you note, the probable inability to convict him based on that.

Not that there aren’t strong reasons to impeach TrumPutin, from emoluments (which I think would include the inauguration fundraising, since his hotels were allegedly price-gouging), violations of campaign finance laws with payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, and whatever Mueller’s “witch hunt” might turn up. (And while I agree that we could be seeing ImpeachClinton 2.0, TrumPutin’s charges make Clinton’s pale in comparison.)

But my understanding is that impeachment is only a political remedy, not a legal one–I think that arrogant huckster needs to be imprisoned, not simply removed from office. It may be that he needs to be removed from office before he can be tried as a criminal, but should that happen by impeachment or–

My other concern is that this could backfire on the Democrats in a spectacular manner. I’d rather they build a clear, understandable, appealing platform for 2020 to begin a progressive movement. It’s great that we had a blue wave in 2018, but one wave doesn’t make a tide. For that, we need a sustained series of waves, the first of which is gaining further control in 2020.

Regarding impeachment, if the perception is that the Democrats are only going after TrumPutin, the perception is likely that this is more partisan bickering, more gridlock, more politics as usual. And if the Dems cannot demonstrate that they are for something–universal health care, a livable minimum wage, stronger environmental regulations, reduced defense spending, whatever–and not merely against someone–guess who?–they will lose. Big. And that wave of November 2018 will get swallowed up and quickly forgotten.

What’s worse, TrumPutin could win a second term. And how much further behind will we be then?


How about Donald Trumputin you’re fired & under arrest?


As Noam Chomsky says, Pence would be worse.


There a number of what ifs to ask. As example what IF on the impeachment of Donald trump and his removal from office , the next President reveresed course on Syria and Afghanistan and decided to push US troops back into those Countries?

This not suggesting Donald Trump in any way shape or form a good President or does not deserve impeachmnent. It pointing out that the State of Politics in the USA means any alternative might be good for one small group of people and harmful for many others. This is what voting for the lessor of two evils has lead to.There nothing left but bad choices.


Rather than spend our time with the bandaid and pseudo-drama of impeachment, let’s focus on some real and lasting changes. Impeachment will only bring Pence or Pelosi into the Oval office.

We should don yellow vests and emulate the French. We should force the government to attend to the People and the institutions that maintain insane policies towards Climate Change, enriching the Rich, decimate the Poor, and empowering the real enemies of the People and the Planet.



I would dearly love to see Donald Trump removed from office. But our country cannot afford the time and resources that would be required by impeachment - particularly given that it’s chance of success is so slim. Instead, Congress must unite to pass veto-proof legislation that will effectively render him unable to continue his ruinous agenda.

Wake up, you fools! You and your descendants will be destroyed along with our Constitutional republic.


You mean temper tantrums? Oh yeah, they’ll kick and scream and throw a fuss just like the spoiled brats they’ve always been. They hate it when the rule of law is applied to them. Its about time that it is though.