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#ImpeachTrump Day of Action Announced Because "It Is Clear That Congress Won't Act Unless We Demand It"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/impeachtrump-day-action-announced-because-it-clear-congress-wont-act-unless-we

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Impeaching Trump is not a good option.

  1. If he resigns or is booted from office, Pence will pardon him within minutes.

  2. Begin an impeachment inquiry and carry it through the election.

  •   If Trump is not re-elected he'll be indicted and prosecuted.
  •    If Trump is re-elected follow through on impeachment.

The key is to win the Senate, no matter what happens to the Presidency.


The securing of both the senate and the presidency are key.
People are going to squawk that it’s a partisan move. It would be best to admit that it IS partly. But it’s mostly about the crimes and misdemeanors.

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Impeaching Trump is an excellent option.

  1. It is a constitutional responsibility, given what we know and what we suspect.

  2. Failure to Impeach, given what we know and what we suspect, sets a terrible precedent.

  3. Impeachment is an educational process. Many are blind to the damage Trump has and is doing to the office, to the country and to the planet. Bring the facts into the light. If the GOP controlled Senate fails to convict, more people will recognize them for the snake oil salesmen/saleswomen and enablers they clearly are.

  4. If an opposition party is actually to be an opposition party, it must oppose.


Over the past year, in which I have used my same two-sided sign which simply reads on one side,


and, more importantly, on the other side, under an image of ‘our’ American flag,

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

I have noted that the range of public political acceptable responses with the ‘Overton window’ has changed radically from a year ago in the responses of passing cars, walkers, and even the reporters at the TV station from; giving me the ‘finger’, shouting “get a job”, and other negative responses from right wing folks (and no reactions from most people), to a substantive change within the year to responses of passing traffic, walkers, and even WCSH reporters either giving me positive honks and ‘thumbs-ups’ from cars, beer delivery trucks, UPS trucks, FED-EX trucks, taxis, Portland DPW trucks, along with walkers telling me how much they appreciated my efforts, wanting to take pictures of my sign, and selfies with me, along with at least one TV personality (Bill Green) considerately talking with me about my sign and reasons that I was addressing the problem of Emperor Trump.


I would like to see a whole bunch of congress critters join the crowds on the 15th.


I don’t disagree, but it’s all in the timing for impeachment.

The impeachment inquiry can start tomorrow. The actual impeachment comes later.

Good Heavens. Typical Americans - think “football plays” - “strategies” - “games” …forget about insignificant stuff like Truth - Integrity - Accountability - Responsibility - Lawfulness - Oath to Uphold the Constitution (“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”) - Naw - forget that stuff - stick to how you can game the situation - manipulate it too your advantage - roll with the punches . Our country is “sick” - figuratively and literally. Our society has witnessed decades of malfeasance and law breaking by corporate executives, big bankers, congress people, Cabinet members and presidents (Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bushes I and II, Obama, and the apotheosis of ethical, moral and legal lapses - the King of Kings of it all himself - our current Great White Leader). No one of the “privileged” are held to account unlike the little guy on the street. The public’s witnessing of the trail of untoward acts committed by our Great White Leader is a public ratification that our country is governed by laws applicable to all - including the powerful, moneyed. No one is above the law. A functioning Democracy is as good as its governance according to law. An impeachment process would contribute to the healing of our society. It would potently remind the powerful, especially, that they too will be held accountable for acts hurtful and bad for the People of the USA. Impeachment proceedings are required.


What a boon! For the populace to witness the bad acts, the deceitful, unethical, immoral, illegal trail of acts perpetrated by this President - bit by bit - and unfurled by a proceeding that is circumspect, respectful, measured, and rational by the House. The invisible cultural stream that “anything goes” “if you got money and the power you’re above the law - they won’t nail you” which soaks this country will be challenged in front of you and me and everyone else. Once witnessed, attitudes shift. When the populace witnesses the extent to which we have been betrayed and sh++_ upon by this Incompetent, those who have rigorously supported him will be seen for what they are. Leaders whose allegiance has been to Power first, Money second, and the Constitution and People of the USA last. Truth Wills Out. Truth Now! Impeachment proceedings Now!


Thank you Alan for standing there with that sign. I’m proud of you. Thank you.


That is an excellent point. If the Dems win the Senate, that will mean the entire legislative branch will truly be co-equal and in the hands of the party that will hold him accountable.

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The problem is the Democrats are going to loose their following-if they don’t act to Impeach.All their ridiculous waddling about and all their hemming and hawing…is exactly the reason Trump got in in the first place.Because the Democrats talk too much without actually doing anything.They have to go forward on the impeachment.No more talk.No more posturing and no more run at the mouth. Impeach this madman and do it now. JM


My Name Does Not Matter is correct. We have nothing on Pence. He will tell us the world is flat made 6000 years ago and DonDon walks. Vote him out, abandon the GOP for one election and help pick the best democrat in the party. I enjoyed the article, I was down with it until, the pro-choice stab. Life is regarded as priceless, an abortion of a child due to consensual activity is a low priced hit. If you put a seed in the ground, you treat it as a plant, why are humans different. Hello?!? I was a failed drug abortion, and then my mom went to the doctor for an abortion. The doctor said to my mom, “He’s 7 months old, he lives.” Did I grow up loved, hell no, and I operate an “accepted” rebellion against corruption and hate in the name of peace and love. Ironic? The drop in crime from 1975 to today due to Roe Vs. Wade only leaves me with 40 million less peers that I could easily explain that they are worth the most to their Maker, the rejected, abused, broken, and innocent. I can’t do anything with the people who killed the ones who would make the change! Eating your young is large topic, it includes killing the child so that you can focus on goals other than raising the next generation, such as school or careers. Children are born when they need to be, not when parents want. Don’t want a child? Abstain or use “Catholic Planning”! That said, if children didn’t cost money to raise, if I can get us free electricity, food, shelter, and clothes, education through college and healthcare, would we even be having this conversation? I doubt it… Finances and family size need to be separated. Every child is important, even the ones due in nine months. We owe the children a world. I don’t wipe it all away because we would not have a world to give. Rocks and harder places. Peace, love, acceptance, and justice fix this mess, and it is a lot of hard work.

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Well put. The proper way to constrain a president like Trump is to show that he committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Merely voting him out fails to reaffirm the proper constitutional balance of power that the Framers intended our Constitution to have. We owe it to future generations to act.

Pelosi’s ‘I’ll see him in jail’ is a stupid sound bite and only demonstrates how little regard she has for us.


I want to see him in prison… I know a lot about his behaviors. Leave it to the next Democrat President, and the FBI to not be burdened by the fact that can’t charge a sitting president. Pushing the senate could propel another Oliver North to stand up and take the blame or claim trump as a CIA spy hero. Reagan was re-elected… Yes, Oliver North lied to take the blame for what Reagan did. No way am I saying that trump gets away Scot free. It will take all America working together to get him for his crimes. Continue to protest so that they know that we are not looking away. Impeachment is iffy. Empowering those who reject Trump is the best plan. Election tampering at the vote level or the electoral college is a high crime. Better is allowing the investigation to expose those who accepted bribes in the electoral college. Accepting bribes from foreign governments in relationship to the tampering is treason. Then there is everything that most don’t know about him…

1st order of Biz is to Dump Trump any way possible. Deal with the next crook after setting the precedence.

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Since the Senate will not convict, Dems should begin impeachment proceedings at a time and date when all investigations leading up to the time the bill should be ready for passage…ON A DATE JUST PRIOR TO THE GOP CONVENTION. That way all the bad publicity on the prez will be out there in as irrefutable fashion as possible. When would that be? I’m sure there are experts who can review Mueller report and estimate an appropriate date. How effective would such impeachment proceedings on TV be right up the GOP convention?


Most of the comments here make me sad, so little understanding of what being a citizen in a Republic is to be, we have duties. O-we can’t do this, O-we can’t do that and the all of a sudden there is no Republic, no rule of Law. It all started in 2000 and this is the final phase, we have no Republic anymore. There are those that are trying to finally fight back, is it too late? Most likely from the comments here. Impeachment “should” be without question, period! We can’t do this, we can’t do that and mitch won’t protect the vote when we know already the russians are here right now. Elections are never guarantied. Impeachments are, it is whether there is a conviction in the Senate that is of question. Not exercising the rule of Law, there is no rule of Law. I know some on this page are my age and must have then taken a basic civics class in grade school, do the others need a refresher course? It appears so.

Members of my family signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is my families blood, our DNA, thus it is my affliction. I was born within the Spirit, comments like the some on this page are killing that very Spirit. Use these documents and the force within them or you will loose the Republic. Get It?

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To me, that is the whole problem! The fact is, with a few exceptions of the progressive Democrats like OAC and some others, the Democratic party elites like Joe Master Card are the fake opposition.


I agree, but Pelosi still needs to do her Constitutional duty and start impeachment proceedings. If the Senate exonerates Trump or Pence pardons Trump, there will be vast political consequences for the Republican Party in 2020.