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Imperial Affluenza: Showering Pentagon with Money and Praise Has Created World's Deadliest Spoiled Brat


Imperial Affluenza: Showering Pentagon with Money and Praise Has Created World's Deadliest Spoiled Brat

Tom Engelhardt

The word “affluenza” is much in vogue. Lately, it’s been linked to a Texas teenager, Ethan Couch, who in 2013 killed four people in a car accident while driving drunk. During the trial, a defense witness argued that Couch should not be held responsible for his destructive acts.


Thanks for mentioning the F-35 boondoggle, the pet project of psuedo-left-interventionist sparkle-pony Bernie Sanders.

I might mention that Sanders also supports the utterly despicable and completely counter-productive killer-drone program, wherein a single drone strike has a net cost of about $17 million.

But why mention such things, since it is obvious that liberals cannot handle the truth?


Great insight. Thanks. The military industrial complex could be viewed as a super-organiism which is acting like a child.


This website can be a little confusing. My post was not meant as a reply to flapdoodle, apologies.


In the meantime, the Russian Bear (growl) is getting a little tired of American propaganda.



After reading this excellent article, I would have to say it corroborates the statement that the military,industrial,congressional,complex is now and has been a military dictatorship because it has no checks and balances or fiduciary accountability to the American people. According to the Constitution, only congress can declare wars but ever since what was called euphemistically, a police action in Korea that has gone from the Constitution.


In my book, "the finest fighting force the world has known" is akin to "the greatest bunch of brainless evil-doers (thanks George-the-lesser) ever to exist."


Thanks for that link. The general was bang on.


Sanders has spoken out against the overuse of drones.


This is one of William Astore's better analyses.

Just look at those fiscal numbers!

Imagine if that $ went into education and building our nation to prepare it for climate chaos.

You know, with that kind of budget, I think a "Bernie Sanders' style option" for ISIS should be put out there.

Who would fight if they were guaranteed a free higher education, health care, and decent infrastructure?

At $675 BILLION a year... wouldn't the Sanders Prescription prove more cost-effective than each team using as many weapons as it can to kill as many citizens and/or "insurgents" as it can... only to keep the Killing Operations in perpetual motion?

Offer THEM education and housing instead! And watch the wars wind down!


That's like arguing in favor of smaller concentration camps.


Those ships in the photo. Just think what a nuclear-tipped cruise missile fired from 2500km away would do to that expensive Imperial Grandeur. The humble torpedo fired from cheap U-boats, or dropped from Japanese aeroplanes, had a similar effect on the British Navy. Funnily enough the British Admiralty was initially reluctant to build torpedo -firing submarines because it might give the wrong ideas to others, e.g. the French, who built the first armoured battleship. Damn those Frenchies for cheats!

Yes SR, it is all a wicked waste of money and has been a criminal waste of money since the start of the Bronze Age.


I found the scroll on that video more credible than anything I've heard from the folks who lie to us about 9/11. It's sad when one catches the propaganda clue. We've got to fire so much of our government to be safe again.


Public Service Message:
The headline says Tom Engelhardt, but the article is by William Astore.


Reminds of December when after Russia bombed IS oil convoys 400 times, the US claimed to have followed suit with 116 convoy bombings. Then PBS News Hour discussed the 'US' convoy bombings, while showing video of Russian strikes. PBS did not mention the video was Russian. MSM never mentions that IS sells oil to a company owned by Turkish PM Erdogans son either

       I read that here:   http://www.informationclearinghouse.info


If you have an hour 22 min. this is an amazing recount of the Pentagons finances:


You keep spouting this anti American and anti Bernie stuff but you never say any alternative. Should we end up with Hillary or Trump or Cruz??

You keep.ranting and spouting bile but if we don't get Bernie and all the good things a more progressive administration would bring with it then WHO SHOULD WE VOTE FOR AND WHAT WILL WE GET FROM THEM?


Excellent. Thanks for laying out so clearly just how insane we are. And there is no other definition that defines us but insane. History will not be kind to America.


You go along to get along. Better Bernie than the Witch.