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Imperial Flattery and Presidential Narcissism: Poland's Offer to Help Build 'Fort Trump' Has It All

Imperial Flattery and Presidential Narcissism: Poland's Offer to Help Build 'Fort Trump' Has It All

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While the U.S. empire has long maintained a constellation of military bases and outposts across the planet as part of its strategy for global hegemony, the president of Poland on Tuesday exposed a new way foreign governments may try to exploit President Donald Trump's narcissistic impulses for their own geopolitical gain.

This of course has NOTHING to do with threats posed by Russia or any other entity towards Poland , but rather as a jobs scheme to bring money into Poland. It will ensure Poland becomes perpetually locked into the US orbit and trend Poland away from being a Democratic , independent state. Just as in South Korea the US will dictate policy to Poland.

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This is just another Polish joke, right?

Let us see where we can go with this.

Mexican Migrant at southern Border. "I am calling my child Trump Hernandez’
Kim Jong-Un “Our new Nuclear weapons research facility will be called Trump Research Station 015-x”
Prime Minister of Canada “Steel produced in Canada will be called Trump steel”

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Your US-centrism (from a Canadian yet) is showing.

Under the current Law and Justice Government, Poland is already a hard-right-wing state - at least as bad as Orban’s Hungary. Duda and Trump, Just like Putin and Trump and Orban and Trump and LePen and Trump and the AfD and Trump and Nigel Farage and Trump and Duterte and Trump and that breakaway Quebecois Tory guy and Trump and Premier “Notwithstanding” Ford (kissing Trump’s ass in DC as I type this) and Trump are all neo-fascist peas in a globe-girdling pod.

So, the US is not going to need to dictate anything to Poland, as they are already in full agreement with anything Trump would dictate.

I think you should refresh on your history. From South Korea in the 1950’s to Greece in the 1960s. from Panama , Guatemala and the Honduras to Turkey , US Military bases in those Countries became a focal point of resistance to any Left Wing or Socialist Governments that might arise. When the greek Ambassodr to the US spoke to Lyndon Johnson about the incoming Socialist Governments plans to withdraw Greece from NATO, Johnosn dismissed Greece as a pissant Country and threw the ambassador out. Within short order there was a Coup with the greek Colonels first visiting those US Military bases to get their blessing.

Ask yourself this question. What would the peoples stationed at those US Military bases be doing IF in 5 years time a LEFT Wing Socialist Government was elected in Poland and there the Chance Poland leave NATO or close down those US bases?

Governments in those Countries might change. The US Military never will which is why where the old USSR pulled out of almost every Country they occupied after the second Word War, the US remains in the Countries they occupied and the number of US bases go UP worldwide.

A gift of encouragement - from one dictator to an aspiring dictator.