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Imperial Irony: New York Times Announces Halt to 'At War' Section Even as Endless US War Continues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/imperial-irony-new-york-times-announces-halt-war-section-even-endless-us-war

A “Forever War Mentality” seems to exist in a majority of our population.

It’s all about the money paid for the jobs associated with it. Soldier, engineer, production jobs all pay well, and we all know someone benefitting from one.

It may be too late for humanity here in the DSA, the Divided States of America.


Didn’t you mean to say “Endless US Wars”?

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The Times at it again. I’m reminded of Judith Miller and her helping to gin up the call for the Iraq war.

How inconvenient this forever war is for domestic messaging. If you can’t fix it, hide it.

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NYT’s version of Trump’s “if you don’t test…”

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The CEOS of Arms manufacturers actually use the example of the Afghan and other forever wars to hype their stock. In board meetings they and company meetings they wax poetic on all the wars and what it means for future revenues. They then indicate other wars that will soon occur so as to assure potential investors that they will always earn a return on the investment.

They WANT war and promote war which is just one example of how “Bad behaviour” is rewarded under the Capitalist system.

There no profits to be made by these guys when there world wide peace.

This is how those hallowed “Job creators” operate. It is a sick system.

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