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Imperial NATO: Before and After Brexit


Imperial NATO: Before and After Brexit

Joseph Gerson

In his first public response to the Brexit vote that has shaken Europe and much of the world, President Obama sought to reassure Americans and others. He urged us not to give into hysteria and stressed that NATO did not disappear with Brexit. The Trans-Atlantic alliance, he reminded the world, endures.1 In the face of what may be the slow motion breakup of the European Union under pressure from Euro skeptics, look for U.S. and allied European elites to increase their commitments to the sixty-seven year NATO alliance.


"Putin's saber rattling"?


Has Common Dreams become the Atlantic or the New Yorker.

Y'all understand that James Baker promised not to expand NATO if the Soviets allowed East and West Germany to merge?

Y'all understand that the US instigated a neo-Nazi backed coup against an elected leader in Ukraine in 2014?

Then there are people like Hillary Clinton and General Breedlove (yes it's a real name) who clearly want to start some kind of shooting war with Russia.


This is a far more balanced and well-sourced article than most that deal with this subject.

Three things stand out to me:

A. On this idea of Common Security: It's truly M.A.D. that military consciousness remains so stuck on the Cold War Mentality (which sees Russia AS an enemy) that instead of using all of the brightest engineers and most astute thinkers to come together and work to secure the world's people (and cities) against what's already escalating in the way of enormously dangerous and expensive expressions of global climate chaos... they just look to weapons as if these can establish (or secure) security, national or otherwise!

The VAST loss of time, resources, and intelligence to this GROSS distortion of leadership (and alleged Security) is beyond criminally negligent.

B. Images of Pompeii: People were going about ordinary daily routines when the volcano blew and buried them in ash.

I see parallels with today's cultures. Most people go about their days NOT THINKING about this looming threat (nuclear war saber rattling) that hangs over all of us like Damocles Sword.

C. The Swedish Prime Minister Plame: He happened to have been assassinated following the not exactly great tradition that executes any world leader so bold as to work FOR peace rather than act as an advocate for war.

Ole Dammegard's book on how the blueprints for high-level assassinations operate is entitled, "Coup D'etat in Slow Motion."

While reading it, I could not help but think the architects planning to enact their Project for a New American Century recognized him as a threat to their plans back in l987.

These dark state agents play games of lethal chess with moves executed over long, patient periods of time. This way, almost no one connects the dots.

The articles elaborate footnotes are a credit to Mr. Gerson's scholarship (and committed studies).



Here we have Justin Trudeau in Canada ordering 1000 troops to "bolster NATO defenses in Latvia".

This is lunacy and clearly shows it NATO that rattling sabres, not Russia. Russia pulled out of East Europe for a reason , that being they did not see any advantage to occupying Nation States that did not want them there. It was an ongoing drain on their treasury and as the largest Country in the world by far , with a relatively low population , they have far greater concern over maintaining security over their own territory.

The same hysteria was used by the West at the close of WW11 after the USSR had been bled to death with their war against the Fascists and had no stomach to prolong that war into West Europe. It just a way to generate profits for the Arm Merchants and the MIC and to erode liberties under the guise of National Security.

Mr Trudeau also declined to enter into a treaty that would see the sale of arms restricted to regions in conflict.


While the message that NATO should be retired is accurate, the author fails to make one thing clear: It is not Russia who is threatening war today, it is the US. Russia's actions with regard to Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea and Syria were all in response to US illegal interventions and destabilizing regime change coups. Never once in this article was the word "neocon" mentioned -- which in itself casts suspicion on the intentions of the author to equalize blame between Russia and the US. This is unacceptable. The neocons have made clear through a series of reports that their end-goal is US world domination, and Russia stands in their way. A critical look at world tensions would point their origins clearly at the neocon regime change agenda. Russia has avoided getting caught up in that trap so far, but actions like the Crimea referendum and Syria intervention have to be seen as Russian defense to America's offense.


While the term Neo-con was not used, this analysis was FAR more balanced than almost everything generated by a U.S. writer.

Did you read this paragraph:

"An increasing number of U.S. strategic analysts, including former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Strategic Command General Lee Butler have said that U.S. post-Cold War “triumphalism,” treating Russia like a “dismissed serf,” and NATO’s expansion to Russia’s boarders despite the Bush I-Gorbachev agreement precipitated today’s spiraling military tensions with Russia.18 Russia did not precipitate the Ukraine crisis. NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders, Ukraine’s designation as a NATO “aspirant” country, and the Kosovo and Iraq War precedents each played their roles."

Also mentioned was Brzezinski. He is to the neo-cons what Leon Strauss was to The Chicago School: Founders of The Shock Doctrine.


We must remember that NATO is mainly a big funnel for tax dollars into the weapons business and fear is its product and rationale. We should try and look at the situation from a Russian point of view. Nations which have invaded Russia and killed her people in wars of aggression, that is, illegal wars, make up a significant part of NATO. The U. S., Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Hungary have all previously attacked Russia and killed, raped, looted and destroyed. Now the're back!